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PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

by EA_MattR

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Ps4 Pro (launch pro) 

ID: Winscar_Shinobi 


Crashing takes place at random times (cant really tell a trigger from my end) have had the game crash at least a dozen times. Twice ive had it crash hard enough that it forces my ps4 to turn off. One of the times it was forced to turn back on was when I was closing the game through the playstation menu. Both times I simply had to wait for the ps4 to turn off fully and them press the power button to turn it back on. Playstation treated it like a power cord pull and did the full systems check. 


I always report my crash data when prompted 

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PSN ID: Santacr

The application crashed while traveling from the end mission window to Tarsis it turned off my PS4 (normal version), the playstation needed to be hard booted up from the console button, the controller button did not started back the PS4, then it started the hard crash protocol by fixing both the internal and external drives, have not played Anthem since then waiting for the patch to fix this.

The error was submitted to PSN on 02/02/19 at 22:57 cst. 

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PlayStation Console: PS4 Pro

PSN ID: RumHamLuv 

The crash occurs randomly during anytime playing the game.There are times when the crash quits Anthem and shuts down my PS4. When this occurs, I am unable to turn the PS4 back on using the controller, and I have to start the PS4 using the power button on the console itself. I have reported the crash data when prompted multiple times. 


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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PS4 Pro


crashed today during an expedition.  Then 4 more crashes trying to rejoin session.

HDR was on.

Most of the crashes reported.



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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PlayStation Console: PS4 Pro

PSN ID: Repirr

Crash Info:When does the crash take place?  Are you having to take specific steps to get your PlayStation going again? 

Only happened once, in the middle of a mission. Someone else in the team dropped, then my PS4 turned off entirely. PS4 was unresponsive for a bit of time, then turned on and did a database check. Everything was fine afterward.


Have you reported your crash data when prompted? 

Y, but this crash didn't give a prompt to report. The whole system just shut down unexpectedly.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PSN: ce-ce

I have had 3 hard crashes on my Midnight release ps4( idk if that matters or not) 1st crash is during story mission, 2nd was when I was closing the game from main hub( presses option>close app) 3rd was during freeplay Solo but lobby had 3 other players. 


After each crash I waited a few minutes then turned on console> stared up in safe mode successfully> asked to report > clicked yes for  all 3 times.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PSN ID: Exodezwo
PS4 Pro

Crash at random moments. The last time the loading issue from the beta happened and it freezed in the loading screen to free play. Then hard crash, PS4 did not turn on again. Had to remove the power cable. After it turned on again, it restarted in safe mode and checked the file system. After this, I was not able to get back in the game.
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Since i play few weeks, mayby one.

Nickname: GVL050486

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Console: PS4 Pro

PSN ID: AnimalAnt311


Issue: Console Turned off, would not start unless I unplugged then plugged the power chord back into my console. I was loading into a quickplay session, got stuck at the 95% loading screen, chose the “Close Application” button and the system just crashed.


Times: This was my first Hard Crash and it happened early this morning around 1am-2am Central USA Time.


Issue: Game crashes (blue screen crashes) during ANY session of playing the game. This happens in Freeplay, Quickplay, Contracts, Legendary Contracts and even when I’m walking around Fort Tarsis.


Times: These crashes Happen VERY often.


I asked the PlayStation representative if there was a way to look at my Crash history with Anthem.  They simply replied: “You can only view the history when it crashes and you report again.”  So I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.  However, EVERY SINGLE CRASH, has been reported. I just didn’t write down my error code for my systems Hard Crash. If you need more info please let me know!



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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Happened to me on Friday on ps4 pro when there was the emergency server issue. I got booted and went into boot loop then when I hit ps button and hit close app ps4 crashed and wouldn’t turn on again by ps4 button. Had to unplug and when I started told me it wasn’t shut down properly and had to go thru storage check. Was very bad and concerning it’s never happened to me before while playing a game.

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