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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

by Ten_Pyres

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

★★★★ Novice

Miguel Liberato

Ps4 pro

Psn: Mig_rome87


I cant play quick play everytime i join

De game gets stuck on mission

And sometimes my playstation crashes after a expedition

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PS4 Pro



The crash always happens to me when I close the application.


I’ve reported it twice through the system itself when it comes back online. Really concerning.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Ps4: wrn-13 usually when I complete a mission it crashes right before the badges and stuff pop up. Then I have to do the free play deal to get all my items. Happens all the time. If not then, then during a middle of a match.
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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PS4 pro


the crash happens when I return to title screen and go to close out of the game, it has happened once I didn’t report it. Really concerned about going back on the game in fear of my system breaking 

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

★★★★ Novice

PlayStation Console: Slim



Crash Info: Happened only once with me, was playing for about 3 hours straight. My console completely shut down and made 2 beeps. I waited a few moments and tried to connect, the system started up and made a simple repair (like when there is a lack of light). then a system message asking if you wanted to report the system error to Sony. I have the standard version on physical media.


Have you reported your crash data when prompted? Yes.



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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Hard Crashes when selecting "close application" from PS4 quick menu.


Leaves PS4 completely unresponsive until power supply is unplugged.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PlayStation Console: PS4  Pro

PSN ID: geeha08

Crash Info:When does the crash take place? I haven’t hard crashed yet, Almost all of my crashes occur in the load screen after a miission/stronghold/freeplay - I either never make it to the Results screen at all, in which case I am looped back to the title screen and have to log on again. Somemtimes I make the results screen, but it auto-skips and loads me into Tarsis where I am back at level one. I’ve only had the occassional bluecreen and always report it.

Are you having to take specific steps to get your PlayStation going again? Restart mostly.

Have you reported your crash data when prompted? Y

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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  • PS4 
  • Staccatodrone
  • Have reported crashes. It has happened when I close the game and also just during general play. Everytime It has happened I have had to power it back up with the button on the console.
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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Console: Playstation 4 Slim (white edition)
PSN ID: Hardkill675
Crashinfo: it has only happen twice for me and both times it happen when I went to the playstation main hub and choose "close application".
I didnt have to do anything to turn it back on, it did it by itself (felt like a restart) and it just gave me the message that I didn't turn it off proparly
Yes, I have reported the crash data to sony the first time it happend

I'm to afraid to play anthem now and I also warned all my friends so please fix this ASAP

love you Bioware, and to everyone else "hang in there"
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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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PS4 Pro

PSN: techjo (same as EA) 

I had just done about 8 contracts on GM1 in a row, no problems. Then I went to the launch bay and went to start a Freeplay session. Crafted my consumables and launched. It went to a load screen, the game crashed and I saw the PlayStation screen with the error (PlayStation console was still on at this point) then after a few seconds the TV went black and my console powered off. I was able to turn it back on with the power button on the front, usually this is the case when this happens with Anthem. It ran a Storage System check for about 20 seconds then loaded the PlayStation error reporting screen. I submitted the error and logged Back in.


Attaching a few screenshots I took with my phone. My PlayStation seems fine. This is the fourth time this has happened. I love the game and really hope these bugs get fixed. Such a fun game when it works. 

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