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PS4 Battlefield 1 - 10/18/2016 to present 10 /21/2016

by spencer0003

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PS4 Battlefield 1 - 10/18/2016 to present 10 /21/2016

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PS4 Online play unavailable to EA servers called INTERNET service provider No issues on their end advised me to contact EA


Also Early Enlister Deluxe Edition & Premium Pass content not provided only received the Lawrence of Arabia  Rifle ONLY , When you go into the main menu for your soldier  to customize vehicles are , no options for vehicle skins or anything just silhouettesof vehicles nothing to do there .  

no patches for any packs at all  no battle packs received at all  when in game received 3 battle packs for playing and level up but 3 of the exact same pistol ?? x3 ? really  no red baron kit only pistol no vehicle skins no horse skin ETC.

also have premium pass but when in multiplayer not re-spawning in premium locations as in BF4 ???also When using melee attacks on the past 3 days stab player a min of 3 x nothing happens to them but just get their attention by moving them around then they  melee me then it is  instant death for me  ??? am i the only person that is having these issues with Battlefield 1 early enlister deluxe edition with Premium Pass ?? or is this  an issue for others here with Playstation 4 network ????

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