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PS4 Application Corrupted (Error Code: CE-36244-9)

by Quinto21

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PS4 Application Corrupted (Error Code: CE-36244-9)

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For almost two weeks now I've been unable to play Apex Legends. Whenever I start up my game I get a blue screen message saying the application is corrupted and I'm forced to close. On the rare occasion I make it to the game lobby I see the only thing that hasn't finished downloading is the HD Textures, which never passes 55%, but regardless of that the game will still crash.


I've deleted and re-installed the game multiple times, rebuild my data base through 'Safe Mode' twice, even initialized my PS4 but nothing has worked. Only other option I can think of is to delete my online store data of Apex Legends which is something I don't want to do because I would be losing I've unlocked and achieved since Season 1.


What can I possibly do it fix this error? 

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Re: PS4 Application Corrupted (Error Code: CE-36244-9)

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Try another download of the game as it may be your network settings/quality is the issue.


  1. Restart the PlayStation 4 system. Then restart  the download

    You can restart downloads from the game's icon on the Home screen or under [Notifications] > [Downloads]. 
  2. If the error occurs again, review your local network settings.

    - Change to a static IP or try to change the DNS server.
    - Try a different network if available.
    - The Connection may be temporarily busy, please try again later.


It is probably worthwhile using Google DNS rather than your default DNS:


This is preferable to deleting all Apex data, locally and the online storage, which as you say will lose your progress.

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Re: PS4 Application Corrupted (Error Code: CE-36244-9)

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I was also facing this issue when downloading APEX about 3 weeks back. Tried everything for good 2 days but to no avail.


Then after 2-3 days tried again and it worked.


Interesting thing to note was that this download was failing post downloading exact amount of data everytime i.e. it would fail at X.XX GB download everytime.


Also interestingly, I purchased FIFA 20 today and I'm facing same issue with it as well and EA calmly passes the buck to PS saying it is their error and quote whatever is written on PS's website with regards to this error.


I personally feel there's some connectivity problem between EA and PS servers and hence this challenge. Sony is playing EA here :P (Excuse me for this but I'm really irritated to the tune that I may not buy EA games again).


Link to my similar problem -

My sense is that the solution would be similar as well.



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Re: PS4 Application Corrupted (Error Code: CE-36244-9)

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@EA_Barry I had already tried using Google and Cloudflare DNS but they made no difference. Same can be said with switching to a different network. What is a static IP?
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Re: PS4 Application Corrupted (Error Code: CE-36244-9)

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@MyterioMaestro There is nothing wrong with your tone. I was fuming the first week. The problem is exactly as you described it but nothing I've done has helped. So now I've began to accept that I wouldn't be playing my favorite game for a very long time.
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