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Re: All Game Progress Lost - Battlefield 1

by EA_Andy

Original Post

BF1 crashing joining mulitplayer

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Why cant i join any games! Server disconnected, unknown error, timed out. Come on this is poor!
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Re: All Game Progress Lost - Battlefield 1

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From level 16 - 0 playing on PS4.

Also can't connect to servers.

Please Help
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was lvl 40 now lvl 0

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This is terrible!
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Stat wipe

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PSN..... malli-101 Singapore region. All my stats have been wiped.
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Re: All Game Progress Lost - Battlefield 1

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Community Manager

Thank you for all of the reports on this.

EDIT: This issue has now been confirmed as resolved. If your stats are missing, please play a match. 

If you cannot connect, please try the troubleshooting steps here:

You may also want to open the ports listed on this page:


*accepting as solution for visibility*



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Please help me, Lost everything

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EA give me back my level please
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All online progress gone! PS4 BF1
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I lost all progress!

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I was level 10 or 11 and classes each rank 2, but i lost all of it...
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BATTLEFIELD Rank and Progress Lost

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After the servers went down I lost my soldier rank and progression. What can I do? Please help! Thxs.
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Re: All Game Progress Lost - Battlefield 1

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same here
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