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Re: All Game Progress Lost - Battlefield 1

by AceroR

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[PLEASE READ] - Multiplayer Progress Lost and connection issues

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I logged in this afternoon to my profile Jager_Sanders and as stated above, most of my Battlefield 1 profile was reset.  I didnt lose weapons but I lost all my kills, wins etc statistics, all my collected codex files.. My Rank is now 0 instead of 17..   Help please?


I have been playing this game since the Beta, and all 10 hours of Insider.

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Accepted Solution

Re: All Game Progress Lost - Battlefield 1

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Community Manager (retired)

Thank you for all of the reports on this.

EDIT: This issue has now been confirmed as resolved. If your stats are missing, please play a match. 

If you cannot connect, please try the troubleshooting steps here:

You may also want to open the ports listed on this page:


*accepting as solution for visibility*



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Re: All Game Progress Lost - Battlefield 1

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Same problem here!, i want to play!!!!

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Re: All Game Progress Lost - Battlefield 1

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I lost a lot of progress as well after the update. I noticed that the rank in my soldier menu were not changing and were stuck at the same numbers while my in game customization showed my progressing through the levels accurately. I seems that after the update the game may have calibrated with my soldier ranks which were wrong and caused the game to set me back. I worked pretty hard over the weekend to rank up so it really sucked losing my progress like that. 


Has anyone found a fix for this? I was playing last night as level 10+ on every class and now i am back to level 4 on three of them.... 

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Re: All Game Progress Lost - Battlefield 1

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Fixed now!

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Xbox one multiplayer not working for BF1

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After 2 weeks I still cant play multiplaye on xbox one.
First the error popped up as failed to join match - unkwon error occurred. This occurred right after I selected a server and joined. No loading at all.

Now I have tried what you guys told me to do. Yes for sure My NAT is opened. Yes, the mentioned ports are opened. Yes I called the ISP and the invited the tech engineer to see my problem and again no problems were found.

Additional to above Ive tried setting a DMZ on my network for xboxs IP. Also directly connected it to the Modem. Reinstalled BF1 3times. Renewed my ID linkage to xbox live on Origin & EA.

Now tell me what to do. This is driving me crazy and I have spent countless hours of my day off time.

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Re: Xbox one multiplayer not working for BF1

Community Manager

@CAN220 Wow, it sounds like you've been thorough. One thing that i'd do would be to try using an alternate/friend's account on your system and see if that can connect. 

This should help to determine whether the issue lies on your account or with something local. 


Can you use the server browser and check your soldier stats like you're connected? Are you able to connect to other online games?

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Re: Xbox one multiplayer not working for BF1

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Hi David I currently don't have access to my xbox. I will try your suggestion on Monday and let you know. Thanks.
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Re: Xbox one multiplayer not working for BF1

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Uh, Hello EA? would you care to help me out as well? i find a match on the xbox one, and just like the guy who wrote this blog, mine doesnt work, im forever stuck on the black screen or the "loading match"


Care to help a guy who never played a single match of his life on BF1? 


And yes i can watch the videos you post from youtubers, i can see my stats and (unfortunately) they all are at zero, and i have all the connections correct, mind telling me whats wrong?

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BF1 Connection Issues

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I bought BF1 today and when im trying to play multiplayer i get a message saying "go online" over and over again and i cant play mp.


help me :P


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Rank reset

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I was playing a game and I lagged out I went to start up a new game and my buddy's got in just fine so I closed The application and I opened it up again and joined there game my rank was reset to 0 I was about a rank 36 with over 280 kills on my Russian 1895 I'm on my weapons and gadgets page and the guns I got are unlocked but I don't have access to them my own name is Astray_Fragment
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