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PC key bindings file

by Danteska

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PC key bindings file

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There are some keys in the game that cannot be edited in-game. All-drive feature uses numpad keys but my Corsair K63 mechanical keyboard is TKL, which means that it doesn't have a numpad and so I cannot use All-drive because it cannot be remapped to anything else in-game.


Control options do not display all the key bindings either. For example G lets you to turn off the engine but you can't change it, it's not displayed anywhere.


If I would somehow be able to find the config file where these key bindings are saved, I could manually edit the numpad bindings to something like F1, F2, F3 and F4 so I can use the All-drive feature that lets you disable break-to-drift and has the drift/grip slider... I haven't found any other way to change these settings and, on top of that, some races in the World map use numpad2 and numpad 4 to cycle through other options and I can't use that either...


There's a PROFILEOPTIONS_profile file inside %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Need for Speed Heat\settings but it doesn't have these key bindings...

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Betreff: PC key bindings file

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Keybindings file is cryptic with some md5 Check, you can't edit the file.


"C:\Users\<User>\Documents\Need for Speed Heat\settings\PROFILEOPTIONS"

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Betreff: PC key bindings file

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@Kuch3nBear I'll try to decrypt it with something I guess. Spec Ops: The Line had something similar and it was possible to decrypt the file and encrypt it back once edited.
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