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Re: [PC] Store not working

by crinrict

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Re: [PC] Store not working

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ETA... And they said on tw that they aren't going to give us any kind of rewards... this is unbelievable... 

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Re: [PC] Store not working

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From what I have seen other platforms didn't have the issue that we have on PC, they just shut down all platforms to check it out, then run the rest and supposedly fix the PC store issue, but who knows what's really happening out there.
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Re: [PC] Store not working

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It is un***kinbelievable how badly PC users get messed around. Never get any compensatuion to make up for being behing other platforms. Our packs will be rubbish.

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Re: [PC] Store not working

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fixed it seems

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Re: [PC] Store not working


For me it's working now.

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Re: [PC] Store not working

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@EA_Aidan we realize that this was not planned to go this way. but i just want to ask you if you personally think that your team will solve this task today thats all.
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Re: [PC] Store not working

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Its Alive!


Problem solved!

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Re: [PC] Store not working

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It’s fixed guys! Thank you very much! I hope we all get compensated for this fatal error...
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Re: [PC] Store not working

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UNBELIEVABLE.....So much revenue for EA and they can't come up with a solution for a simple bug.I think you guys should hire better developers in order to somehow justify the money you are making and at least give back the minimum that your customers expect : Play the game like the console guys (some of us also have xbox or ps4 but still like to play FIFA on our PC) do and still pay for buying packs possibly!! Why would it be more complex to fix the store glitch on the PC since this is the main platform used as a testing machine for other consoles too?!?!?! Shouldn't take more than an hour and it's been over a day already,guaranteed TOTS SBC's will probably expire before you even release the much needed update (fix) ,hopefully you have accounted for that as well as some compensation packs for all the trouble caused.

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Re: [PC] Store not working

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no more ea games on pc... that's the drop that filled the glass of water... 

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