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Re: Store

by npr04

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Re: World cup store not working

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I got 10 packs in the store waiting to be opened...
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Re: World cup store not working

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you and your brother should first and foremost deal with your aggression problems Wink

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Re: World cup store not working

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I got the same problem
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Re: World cup store not working

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Store is back up for me
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My FUT store doesn’t work

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My Fifa Ultimate team store doesn’t work it doesn’t allow me to access my packs
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Re: World cup store not working

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What is the estimated time that the store will be open again as I have not been able to open my packs, I currently have 26 ready to open, please may someone let me know?
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Re: Store

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Just spoken to the support team, they were pretty useless in their response. Tried to gloss over the * up they have made on some peoples accounts where they have given them hundreds of free packs. No ETA for the fix, although I have asked for compensation to be given to those affected by the incompetence of the programmers for the update. I won't hold my breath though. Given that the store could be down for another hour or a couple of days I've submitted a tradeable TOTS player so I have both TOTS packs to look forward to when they fix this * up. Pissed off is not even close to how I feel with EA. Sort it out boys!!!

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Re: My FUT store doesn’t work

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it is EA, world cup mode added, and again we can not get full access to the game, 1 pack recieved, have to play with garbage teams, and people against me having already a top squads with messis neymars exetra, now they will lower pack weight, and we can start to spend money
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Re: Store

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