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[PC] SOLVED!! "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an account problem

by Keisezr1G

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PC - Error Retrieving Anthem live Service Data

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It has been a week. I have tried all of the options trouble shooting it. Still Stuck in Log in screen. I have spent 6 hours over the weekend, an hour or so each day trying to get it to work. Ports forwarded, firewalls all turned off, origin cache cleared, reinstalling game/origin, disabling ipv6, etc. Nada. Still same error same message. I got the list of stuff to do to from EA live Chat lady, followed it, doesn't work. 


I have no problem playing Apex or BF5. Anthem is the only game that is giving me this headache. 

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Re: PC - Error Retrieving Anthem live Service Data

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Hey, I had the same problem, have you tried changing language? That seemed to work for some people, and eventually worked for me to.

Open Origins, go to the Anthem Settings by pressing the gear icon next to the "Play" button, click "Game Properties"  and change the language.

Origins will then download the new language and verify your files.

After it is done downloading, open the game with the new language, see if you manage to connect.

If you do, exit the game, change back to your language of choice and open the game again. It should work, it did for me.

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Re: Error retrieving Anthem live service data- cant connect to Origin services

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Had this same issue, using cloudflare's DNS and google's public DNS. Couldn't connect at all. Contacted EA tech support and after some digging they found out that my EA account for Anthem wasn't verified on their end and they had to make some change to an ACL. Rep couldn't state specifically what changes were made though. So for anyone else having this issue, contact EA and ask for them to make sure your account is verified for Anthem on their server.

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So, just after the first chest on the Scar stronghold I am kicked AFTER GETTING TWO MASTERWORKS FROM THE CHEST. 


kicks me to the title screen, "Error retrieving Anthem live service data"


and then tells me I have lost connection to the EA Servers.






guess I'll go play Apex Legends, at least there the servers are somewhat reliable.



btw your server status on the Anthem game page is a darn lie, might wanna fix that too.

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Cannot connect live service data

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My wife and I are unable to connect to anthem, keeps throwing us into a load screen and restarts the game(on xbox one), then follows up with "error retrieving anthem live service data" followed by the "connection problem - you have lost your connection to the EA servers" I've checked the status and it says they are all active. Did the latest update break the game for xbox players!?

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Same here man!! Fairly this is my first time having a server issue in the week I've been playing. So kudos! But fix this!!!

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Same here! I was dumb enough to pay 80 bucks for this. Honestly how about instead of worrying so much about the damn loot pool you actually make it so people (who PAYED a lot of money on your game) can actually log in so we can get the damn loot!!
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I am currently down two legendarys and a master work thanks to this, the release state of this game is not something i would expect from Bioware if they had any control over it.

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Re: Cannot connect live service data

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I completely closed out of the game and went back to it. The servers are back up now? I'm not stuck on the continuous loop.

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Re: Cannot connect live service data

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Some of my friends play but i cannot join them becouse Anthem is greyed out.....

When is the Downtime over? 

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