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[PC] SOLVED!! "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an account problem

by AL_Headhuntar

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Error retrieving Anthem live service data- cant connect to Origin services

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Hi there


Preface by saying im already 11 hours deep into Anthem and wanting to play more tonight. 


Trying to play anthem as part of origin head start, has been working fine until tonight where I'm now stuck at 'connecting to online services' and looping back to developer logos before the 'error retrieving anthem live service data' shows up


tried updating client and nothing, played a few rounds of Battlefield 5 so my connection is fine and Origin is working okay.

Disabled Antivirus and still nothing


Any help?

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Re: Error retrieving Anthem live service data- cant connect to Origin services

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Still experiencing this error message....

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multiple errors at the same time

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Platform: pc

Please select your region Europe

When did this happen? ( hh:mm)  22.02.2019     after 03:00 am

AMD or Nvidia Model Number nvidia 1060
Enter RAM memory size in GB 16

How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)


I started the game at 1AM  22.02.2019 and everything was just perfect for 2 hours and then

these problems appear:


1:ERROR UPDATING PILOT DATA (without any error numbers )



4:PRE-ORDER REWARDS NOT AVAILABLE ( i looked rewards )


At the beginning everything was good but dont know what happend after like 2 hour all of these are just appear so what shoud i do or what do you guys are thinking about these problems…

İ’ve tried delete game and reinstall

I've tried all the ways in forums

I talked to the internet administrator

Origin Client Repair

Did everything in the     (PC CONNECTION TROUBLESHOOTING)

İt’s not because of our system or software .Nothing has changed


I do appreciate if i get a fast solution

best regards

Have a good day

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Re: Anthem - Unable to Launch or Load Pilot

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It seems I am stuck in a can't load pilot data loop on the first misson it loads to the point of standing on the wall then crashes back to inside the fort and I get a can't load pilot data message 

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Re: Anthem - Unable to Launch or Load Pilot

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TerminalTwist's solution did it for me, at least for now...
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Can’t play the game...

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Error retrieving live service data


you have lost connection to the EA servers...


unknown error???


come on seriously, EA, frostbite, BioWare? You release a game that’s cost me £70 and I can’t even get past the title screen. It’s ddisgusting how you can release a product that’s not fit for consumer use. 


This needs to to be fixed or I want a full refund.

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Anthem connectivity issue

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I start anthem up and itll let me push "X" to search for a server, usually it wont load past halfway and it says that there's a "connection problem: error retrieving anthem live service data". Then I push "X" again and another "connection problem" pops up saying "you have lost your connection to EA servers.  Please check your internet connection and try again.  See for additional information". I've done everything that it tells me but I still can't connect.

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Re: Anthem connectivity issue

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got the same issues for the last few days since it got out and its driving me crazy on ps4 console ! I pre ordered the game id expect to get some help ! 

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Re: Can’t play the game...

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i can enter the game when i use my4g for internet. Try another network it might be work for youu too

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Re: Can’t play the game...

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I am still having the same issue. However, I just tried to connect through a VPN and got through seamlessly. No issues. Game plays fine. Just a serious shame that I only have a few mb of VPN use so it's not a long term issue. Can anyone figure a solution knowing that my normal connection will not work but a VPN will?


Sadly I also don't know where my VPN connects to either as this is a paid for feature that I don't have. 

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