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[PC] SOLVED!! "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an account problem

by AL_Headhuntar

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Re: error retrieving anthem live service

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Same here...

I reinstalled 3 times;
Delete all related saved files from ps4 and the online storage;
Close and open the game too many times;
Restart PS4 too many times;
And nothing....

- the version of the game; v0.0.0
- After click on "Start Game", during the loading I hear the sound from the beginning scene when we launch the game and we return for the famous message: "error retrieving anthem live service"

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Re: error retrieving anthem live service

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“Connection Problem: the anthem service is currently unavailable”


pS4. Can’t log in.  Have tried approx 100 times over several hours.  + more during VIP demo

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Re: [PC] SOLVED!! "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an ac

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I just totally deactivated my avast antivirus and now I can play without any problem.
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Re: [PC] SOLVED!! "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an ac

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This problem is intermittent, it happened now loading into a freeplay expedition and I ended up loading about 70% when the music of the intro (splash screen) started playing. Then got the above error and pressed enter, loaded again, age later...and I was really can't see how any of these options (even if they work) can be the issue since I get this problem now and again...maybe 5% of the time


Additionally happens usually when I am dropped from the freeplay game prematurely, I posted about this

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Anthem Demo PC - "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" Possible Fix

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Hi folks,

PC player here, so anyone still having trouble on console needs to look elsewhere, sadly.


So following on from a very frustrating VIP demo and a very frustrating Day 1 of the Open Demo, I finally seem to have found the thing that was causing all my problems.

What I did to resolve it is go into my settings and change it from the default 'Borderless' to Fullscreen then set VSync to On. Since then I've not had any issues with loading screens. Before this I'd say only one in five times I hit a loading screen would I actually reach the other end. I got variously the 'Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data' message, the 'Unable to connect to EA servers at this time' message, the 95% loading screen bug, or was simply dropped right back to the opening cutscene without any error message at all.

Since I changed to Fullscreen+Vsync I have had *touch wood* no drops whatsoever.

Hope this helps others.

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Connecting to Online Services

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So, the demo launched yesterday and I've seen all kinds of connectivity bugs.

The latest one is the one in the title: Connecting to Online Services forever.


I also got the Unknown Error, the Error Retrieving Live Service Data...


Anyway, anyone having this kind of issue as well?


EDIT 1: Forgot to mention some of the fixes I already tried: Setting the clock and time zone to auto; Changing the game language; To be updated with further fixes.


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Re: Connecting to Online Services

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Mate, turn off your auto time zone thing, then put your actual timezone then set it back to auto. Also your geographic location. It worked for me, just now!!! 

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Re: Connecting to Online Services

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I'll try it, hope it works dude. Thanks!

Nope... still the same errors.

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(PC) Solved! "Error retrieving Live Service Data" fix

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This is a general tip for those unable to connect to the servers or are experiencing the same thing I did. I tried the clock workaround, I tried the language change workaround. The one thing that finally allowed me to play was flushing my DNS as administrator and then completely turning off my antivirus. Just a tip for anyone else having no luck with other methods.

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Re: Connecting to Online Services

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I fixed my problem with "Connecting to Online Services"

I actually turned OFF my auto-time and auto-location, and manually set my timezone to GMT-5 Eastern Time  (I'm not in that timezone...)

Now I at least got in to the demo

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