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[PC] SOLVED!! "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an account problem

by HeadhuntarTTV

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Re: Anthem - Unable to Launch or Load Pilot

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I replied in Money's post as well, but yes, I'm still having massive connection issues. It's so frustrating that I've finally given up on Anthem. When I purchased the game on the 23rd (Saturday) and downloaded the game with the day one patch, the game actually ran fine. I did have some connection issues, which I assumed where because of the servers getting hammered with new players. But for the most part I ran through the game from area to area, loading screen to loading screen and pretty much had ZERO connection issues. I did run into a few hiccups - the game froze up once and a couple of times the audio cut out during a heavy fire fight in a mission.


But after hitting lvl 30 and starting my farming runs and finishing up quests I noticed the connectivity getting worse and worse. And then patch 1.0.3 dropped and it's gotten even worse. I'm on PC btw, and I've had my game freeze up one time that I can remember, the rest of the time I'm fighting with the loading screens and getting kicked back to the title screen. I get connection error messages over and over whenever it kicks me back to the title screen.


There are other issues of course, but for me the main one is staying connected. I only seem to get disconnected when going into a loading screen though. Usually the End of Expedition screen will kick me back to the title screen, but's any loading screen. If I'm lucky I'll proceed to the next part of the game when I select a mission / stronghold, but it's hit or miss.


I've uninstalled the game and origin. I really hope they fix this issue ASAP and don't take a month to fix it.

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Re: [PC] SOLVED!! "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an ac

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How many missons have you successfully done?


I have changed the language setting to English. It seems working fine at first but... after 2 missions, it is not working.. Same problem.. Frown





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Re: [PC] SOLVED!! "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an ac

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I had the same error for over a week and I fixed it with a weird solution, let me explain - maybe it helps some of you here which still cant login/connect.


I was able to play the game for 75 hours and than I was not able to connect anymore, same errors as you - pilot data bla, no connection bla, unkown error bla, live service data etc.


I had contact with the support, uninstalled the game, did all the trouble shooting and even installed windows again - nothing helped.


As last solution (should habe tried it first but who can even think of that) I used my smartphone as a bluetooth modem (USB tethering, like even the cheapest phone can do that) and tried to connect - worked in the first try....I was able to finaly play again. *Note*" I turned of my normal network and used the new smartphone create one only"


The weird thing is, after I disconnected my phone from the pc and reactivated my normal network, with my normal internet connection, I was also able to connect - like nothing happened at all. Just used the phone modem for like 20 minutes, after that access to the game was possible with my other connection again.

No errors since than....I cant give you the reason why this worked....maybe it wasnt the reason at all....but it takes 10 minutes of your time and is worth a try.


Good luck and I hope it will help.


Reply in case of a question-

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Re: [PC] SOLVED!! "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an ac

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It doesnt add up for me. I get that error mostly during missions and sometimes while loading up missions. Never while logging in.

My log has the same warning line many times. More often actually than I got that live service data error which happend about 5 times.



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Re: [PC] "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an account pro

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First off
, your wrong on the path to find these settings. Here is the correct path to find them:

Main menu press R key >
Then in SETTINGS >
then choose Language + Subtitles
then choose either 'Text Language' or 'Voice-Over Language'

You never said which....or both?

Secondly, you can ONLY change the language setting from the MAIN MENU before you enter the game. That setting specificaly says the language "MUST BE CHANGED FROM THE MAIN MENU" if you try and change it from within the game. =P

This is clearly displayed within the game:


This is how the MAIN MENU looks like in case you don't know what its called (the R key settting is in the lower right):


Thirdly, you can NOT change the language to anything other than the language you purchased in the game region that sold that language you chose (French in France, English in the US, Spanish in Spain, etc.)

The left and right arrows on the language choice setting DO NOT WORK (and are greyed out) and you can not change to anything else but the Language copy of the game you purchased in the language you purchased it in.

I don't make these rules, talk to Bioware.


PLEASE stop giving bad advice, it helps no one.

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Re: [PC] "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an account pro

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@AOD_BukaTV : I think you didn't understand the answer

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Re: [PC] SOLVED!! "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an ac

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How do I change settings its stuck on loading title screen? 

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Re: [PC] SOLVED!! "Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data" is an ac

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mobile network is the solution for error loading pilot data. Bioware establish their server with mobile network, so its best using our mobile phone to connect there too.

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