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PC- Mouse is stuttering

by ConstantinusXP

Original Post

PC- Mouse is stuttering

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I'm posting this again because my first post "vanished" after editing it. I'm sorry if it appears as a duplicate. In that case please delete the other one and NOT this one.

Hello. As the title suggests I am currently facing a mouse stutter issue when playing BF1. I can see it when I look around and I see my weapon and the character's hands stutter when turning instead of doing a smooth turn. It is also noticeable when zooming with a sniper scope and looking around with a high sensitivity. Also I feel that my muscle memory is being annoyed since I turn my mouse a certain distance but that distance doesn't correspond correctly with the distance in-game.

My FPS never falls below 60 with an average of 65-70 at Ultra settings (my refresh rate is 75Hz) and my specs are:
Intel i7-6700HQ  @3.6 GHz
Everything is running on an SSD
Also, in the NVIDIA control panel I have set it to "Prefer Maximum Performance".

Things I've tried so far but didn't work:

  • Re-installing keyboard, touchpad and Razer Synapse drivers (my mouse is the Razer Mamba 2012)
  • As you've already realized from my specs I am playing on a laptop (Asus ROG G752VY) and I tried to look around in the game with my touchpad but it  stutters with it too so it's not the mouse to blame
  • Making sure that mouse acceleration is turned off in Windows and in Synapse as well as making sure that Raw Input is turned On in-game
  • Running the game as Administrator
  • Going into the file location of BF1, right-clicking and selecting properties, going to the compatibility tab and checking the box that says "Override high DPI scaling behavior"
  • Repairing the game
  • Clean installing my graphics driver
  • Checking temps in case I'm overheating but I'm not (70 C CPU , 60 C GPU)
  • I have G-Sync enabled as well as V-Sync (enabled on the NVIDIA control panel, disabled in-game settings) and I tried turning V-Sync off but it didn't change anything. Also, i've tried turning G-sync off and playing in windowed borderless but nothing changed
  • Scanning for Malware and Viruses but everything is clean
  • I even tried the sfc /scannow command in command prompt and although it found some corrupt files, it said that it fixed them successfully but it didn't solve my issue
  • Also, I don't have any RAM, Internet or CPU usage problems. Ping is good (60-70ms)
  • Tried updating to the latest NVIDIA driver (version 382.33)  but it didn't fix anything
  • Origin just updated too (24/5/2017 dd/mm/yyyy) but nothing happened
  • Tried turning Avast Game Mode off
  • Double-checked that Windows Game Mode is off
  • My BIOS is the latest version and so is my chipset driver

Here's what my conclusion is so far. This stutter happens ONLY with BF1 and BF4 but NOT with Rainbow Six: Siege. This rules out a hardware problem. Both Battlefield games must have something in common that screws everything up and that "something" is Origin. That's what they have in common. Another indicator that Origin might be going crazy is the fact that the Origin overlay doesn't work. I've tried disabling it and re-enabling it but it still won't work. 

Any ideas? I'll post a Dxdiag file as well in case someone wants to check it out.

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Re: PC- Mouse is stuttering

Hi @ConstantinusXP!

Are you experiencing this also in the single player? This could exclude a network problem.


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Re: PC- Mouse is stuttering


First I would try resetting the games settings by renaming/deleting the settings folder in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Battlefield 1\settings


I would then suggest ruling out any third party software by playing after a clean boot:


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Re: PC- Mouse is stuttering

[ Edited ]
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@IIDaZzuII I forgot to mention that it does stutter in singleplayer too.


@Carbonic I already tried deleting the settings but i guess I'll give it one more try. It can't hurt.

About clean installing I'd like to keep that as a last resort only.

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Re: PC- Mouse is stuttering


@ConstantinusXP A clean boot is not the same as clean installing. It's temporarily turning off all third party things that run in the background to see if any interfere, you can turn them back on afterwards.

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Re: PC- Mouse is stuttering

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@Carbonic  Oops, sorry I read that wrong and I thought it was saying "clean install". Ok I'll give clean boot a try and I'll report back.

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Re: PC- Mouse is stuttering

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@Carbonic  Just finished troubleshooting in clean boot. Nothing changed. It's still stuttering. One thing I noticed though is that if I set mu sensitivity to 25% instead of 20% in the game menu the mouse feels like it should feel. It doesn't fix the stuttering but it feels right.

Any more ideas?

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Re: PC- Mouse is stuttering


Is it possible with you to record the issue happening with the command "perfoverlay.drawgraph 1" running?

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Re: PC- Mouse is stuttering

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I accidentally recorded my mic too so you might hear some birds in the back ground.

Anyway, here you go

Notice my weapon how it stutters.

Thank you for all your help so far.

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Re: PC- Mouse is stuttering

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@Carbonic   I haven't heard from you. Did you check the footage?

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