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PC- Map not loading in time (Textures)

by xDragonBlanco95x

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PC- Map not loading in time (Textures)

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Hi! i have been having this problem where the map doesn't load in time. It is completly random and often fixes it selfs by waiting a bit or after loading for a race. Meanwhile it still happens and i don't know why. It's like the buildings and part of the road is completely gone but there is still some road ahead of me or the road behind didn't disappeared. Is there any fix for this?


PC= i7 6700K

        MOBO Z170 Pro Gaming

        SSD 120GB

        PSU 750W

        RTX 2060


Note: Neither the CPU nor the GPU is overheating. They are both under 60 c° while playing.

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Re: PC- Map not loading in time (Textures)

★ Guide

This won't fix the problem completely! But if your game is installed on an HDD you can download defraggler, rightclick on the games install folder and defrag it. This can speed up the loadtimes a tiny bit but won't fix the problem. "Please don't mark this as a solution cause it isn't" The devs should be doing a better job at making this game.

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Re: PC- Map not loading in time (Textures)

★★ Apprentice

The game is installed on SSD... so i dont think this will work. Thank you anyways!

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Need for speed heat slow loading textures

[ Edited ]
★ Novice

So i downloaded need for speed heat on pc on a hard drive and the textures takes 30 to 40 seconds to load properly and the sky looks like its a low resolution. The game is at ultra preset. Why does this happen?


Ryzen 5 2600x

Rx 590 8gb

16gb ddr4 3000mhz

1tb hdd

240gb ssd

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