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[PC]- Game freezes after mission

by Bernadraconis

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[PC]- Game freezes after mission

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I don't know if anyone else has experienced this too, but every 1-2 missions (freeplay and strongholds especially) the loading screen leading to the results screen or to the lobby (be it Fort Tharsis, the Launchbay or the forge) freezes at any random point of the loading progress and I cannot do anything else. Even after forcing the game to close (Alt+F4) it only proceeds to run on the background instead of closing itself, still stuck on that loading screen, so I cannot even return to my Desktop until I restart my PC.


This issue is making the game very difficult to play for me and I've been experiencing this since early March. I repair the game every time I can, I play on low settings just in case and I've taken every mesure i've been able to find, but I'm not sure if the issue is on my PC or some bug in the game.


When this happens I'm usually able to receive the loot back after going into freeplay and immediately go to the results screen, except for the elysian chest's rewards, nowhere to be found even if my keys are consumed anyway.


Does anyone have had this issue before? Any clues on how to solve it?

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