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Re: Demo won't start

by stepanovic77

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Re: Demo won't start

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@EA_AndyMicrosoft update.And especially I think the 2nd one.The first did not worked to my pc.So i did one of the two updates.

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Re: Demo won't start

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Demo doesn't load for me, the linked Windows Update was already installed. i didn't have issues starting/playing FIFA17, so i expected the same for FIFA 18, as the requirements (for DX 11) are the same.


i used the workaround explained in this post to be able to play FIFA17, maybe this might be part of the problem? The game loads up to the Ronaldo screen with the loading dots under the FIFA18 banner. then the dots just stop and nothing happens. the game isn't listed as crashed in the task manager, it just stays this way, no matter how long i wait.


i used the same settings as in FIFA 17 (windowed, everything on low details, DX11).

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Re: Demo won't start

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same here.

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Re: [PC] Demo won't start - black screen

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same problem :/

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Re: Demo won't start

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It works! Big issue, simple solution.
@Bl4NC1K Big thanks for your solution !

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