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Re: PC Crashing playing Anthem

by DumpsterDuck94

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PC Crashing playing Anthem

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My PC randomly crashes when playing Anthem over the past three days. 


So far I've updated:

Windows10(Found one update)

Graphic's card (Nvidia RTX 2080 TI)

Prcoesser (I9)

scanned for corrupt files (didn't find any)


Anything else I can look at to see what's going on or is there a problem with the game?

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Re: PC Crashing playing Anthem

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Hey Jenzillus, have you tried to repair the game using the Origin Game Client? If you've done so, you may wanna reinstall the game again. This helps in my case. Cheers!
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Re: PC Crashing playing Anthem

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hi :0

its need stable pc. 

I play other shooting game and its work fine. but about anthem its need very stable :o .its heavy load on CPU and gpu 

lets try everyhthing back to default on your bios . 

and if it still issue. lets close your pc like five min and unplug your power line from your pc. maybe incase it ESD issue . :o


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Re: PC Crashing playing Anthem

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Had issues like that aswell, and I ended up undervolting my 1060 6GB. Now before you try this: Do some research on your own, I am not a computer guy and don't know if what I did was a good idea.


My issues started around the early release for premiere folks and lasted to around the middle of last week. After trying what ever fix I could find, even tumbling down a Livekernelevent 141 for 3 solid days I noticed my crashes, freezes and everything else seemed to happen when my 1060 went above 1700++mHz, climbing upwards of late 1800 almost 1900mHz. After looking up my 1060s specs I noticed it said around 1506mhz to be standard with a boost up to around 1710mHz. I Googled a bit and stumbled upon undervolting with MSI afterburner, so I enabled the settings in Afterburner to control voltage, checked Force Constant Voltage and pressed CTRL F to open up the graph and set all the points to 1506. (I really reccommend watching a video)


Have been enjoying Anthem ever since 😁 Now, I don't know exaclty why this worked for me, but I suspect it has something to do with a built-in Nvidia clock booster that I read about. I'm on my Phone atm, so dont have access to the logs for the sources on this but I hope this might give you and anyone else a new avenue to explore. Best of luck and please, if some computer wizard could hop in here and tell me off if I did something stupid that would be awesome

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