PC Black screen on launch of game

by Sumabuma

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PC Black screen on launch of game

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The game was working fine  before the update, after the update every time I launch the game, it just freezes on a black screen, i tried allowing it through the firewall, i tried updating the GPU driver, i also allowed the anti-cheat system through the firewall, i tried repairing the anti-cheat system, nothing worked so far.

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Re: PC Black screen on launch of game

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Hey everyone,


Thank you all very much for all the reports! Our teams are still investigating the issue and all the reports that have been added are helping a lot, thanks again!

Unfortunately, we currently do not have an update available as to what might be causing this issue for some players or what could be a solution that works for everyone.


For reporting of the issue, please mention the platform you're playing the game on Origin/EA app, Steam or Epic launcher?


Update: check if changing the language of the game allows the game to launch (change it back afterwards), this only works on Origin.
If you are playing via the EA Desktop App, switch over to Origin (download/install Origin)

  • Open Origin
  • Login with the correct account
  • Right-click on the BF2042 game tile
  • Choose Game Properties (or your local language equivalent)
  • Click on the last tab; Advanced Launch Options (or your local language equivalent)
  • Choose any of the other languages that you see (French for example) and click Save
  • The game is now 'repairing' something
  • Check if you can launch the game as normal
  • Revert the language change and see if you can still launch the game

We have seen some workarounds that can help you while we continue investigating the issue:

  • Nvidia has just released another GPU driver: Game Ready Driver 497.09
    • For the players who are still experiencing the Black Screen issue and who have an Nvidia graphics card, can you please install this new driver > reboot PC/laptop > and test if you're still getting the Black Screen upon Launch of Battlefield 2042?
  • Run Origin and the game with Administrator rights:
    • Run Origin with forced Administrator rights; Restricted Access Mode
    • How to run Origin as Administrator
      • Right-click on the Origin shortcut
      • Click Properties
      • Click Compatibility
      • Check Run as Administrator
      • Press Apply
      • Press Ok
  • Run the game with Administrator rights:
    • Search for the installation folder of Battlefield 2042
    • Right-click on the shortcut that says BF2042.exe
    • Click Properties
    • Click Compatibility 
    • Click Run as Administrator
    • Click Apply
    • Click Ok
  • If you are playing via Origin: repair the game by right-clicking on the game tile > choose Repair Game

  • ‘Update’ the game via Origin: go to your library, right-click on Battlefield 2042, click on "Update game"

  • If you are playing via the EA Desktop app: switch over to Origin and see if you can launch the game (you might have to download & install Origin)
    • You might need to force-stop all EA Desktop app processes for Origin to work:
      • Close EA Desktop app by left-clicking on the hamburger menu in the upper left corned > left-click on Exit
      • Open your Task Manager and search for EADesktopServices.exe, EALauncher.exe, EABackgroundService.exe > right-click on them and left-click on Stop/End Process
  • Check if running Origin in Compatibility mode with DPU scaling works
    • Find your Origin Start Icon (On my machine that is C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Origin)
    • Right Click the Origin Icon and select Properties
    • Click on the tab Compatibility
    • Check the box "Override high DPI scaling behaviour. Scaling performed by:" and select System in the drop-down box below
    • Click OK
    • Now, when you restart the Origin Client, you will get a warning that Origin is running in Compatibility Mode
  • Install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables
  • Run the following command with Administrator rights to repair corrupted system files. sfc /scannow
    • Search in Windows Search for the Command Prompt (CMD)
    • Right-click > Run as Administrator
    • Type "sfc /scannow" (without the ") and press Enter
    • Check the result and if the PC found something that it needed to repair
    • Reboot PC
  • Delete the game settings folder in of the Battlefield 2042 Documents folder (this will reset your game settings and put you back into the intro, this will NOT reset your online progression): go to C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Battlefield 2042 and delete the folder called “settings” > boot-up Origin again > repair the game via Origin and see if you can launch the game

  • If you are playing via the EA Desktop app, perform App recovery:
    • Select the three dashes in the far-left corner of EA Desktop
    • Scroll to Help
    • Click App recovery
    • Select Clear cache
  • Force the game to be repaired/rescanned by either the EA Desktop app & Origin:
    • Close Origin or EA Desktop app
    • Go into the Origin game folder on your PC / the game folder where you installed the game into
    • Cut the Battlefield 2042 folder with Ctrl+X
    • Paste it to desktop with Ctrl+V
    • Cut it again with Ctrl+X
    • Paste it back in again with Ctrl+V in the game installation folder of Origin or EA Desktop app
    • Open Origin or EA Desktop app and see if it re-scans the folder & if you can launch the game as normal
  • Temporary change the resolution of your monitor: this seems to work for some players as well. Change it to 1080p if you have a 1440p monitor, for example > launch the game and see if it works > close the game & change the resolution back to what it was before

  • If all help fails: if none of the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps has any effect, a full reinstall of the game seems to do the trick for many players.

*For players who are still experiencing issues via Origin and no workaround has fixed the issue: can you please try to create an Origin Error Report and post the Report ID here in the thread?


*Marking this as a temporary solution to make it more visible to visitors of this thread.


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Black screen, game won't start

★★★★★ Novice

When I start game, only black screen is showing. I have updated drivers for GPU. I have tried run as administrator. Tried without firewall. 


What now? Any help?

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Re: Black screen, game won't start

★ Novice

same with me. Windowed black screen shown up, after a few second, it disappear, back to Origin with no error

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Re: Black screen, game won't start

★★★★★ Novice

The game or Windows never asked me about network authorization, so there might be the problem. I tried to disable the firewall but that not helped...

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Re: Black screen, game won't start

★★★★★ Novice
@Teidu OKAy, i have resolved my situation. I uninstalle BF2042 and Origin. Then I downloaded the EA App and redownload the game. Now the game started properly and asked the network aúthorizaion. Hope this will help you too.
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Black screen on startup

★★ Novice

Hi Everyone,


Everytime I try to boot 2042 I am met with a small black screen about the size of a quarter of my screen and then it closes itself without any error codes or information. I have tried verifying files, allowing it on the security settings in windows, reinstalling graphics drivers, removing all USB devices, running it as an admin, disabling all recommend apps (logitech, lighting app) running in background. Does anyone else have similar issues or can help me with this?

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Re: Black screen on startup

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YO i had this problem, saw someone say deleting their documents folder fixed their game so I tried it and my game launched fine! I dunno whats in that Documents but whatever it is wasnt letting the game load, hoping this helps.

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Re: Black screen, game won't start

Thanks for sharing! @Teidu

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Re: Black screen on startup

★★ Novice

Unfortunately it didn't work for me man Frown Hopefully theres a fix soon for this!

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Black Screen

★ Guide

After the most recent update, BF 2042 will not launch. The application freezes at a black screen until I force quit.


Did not have any issues launching the game before this update.


Anyone else having this issue?



I installed the latest graphics drivers and have restarted my PC.

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