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(PC) BSOD at Launch

by Shysta118

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(PC) BSOD at Launch

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I've been having this problem since launch where the game will load up the first few times but after about the 2nd or 3rd, whenever I click the game to launch it, the screen goes black followed by the Origins pop-up in the bottom right of the screen. Within a few seconds, I get a BSOD with a QR code followed by a system reboot. 


The only thing that seems to remedy this is clearing out my Origins cache which helps temporarily but becomes really tedious having to do it every time I want to play. 


With the exception of my graphics card, which isn't terrible but can run the game on high settings at 1280x720, everything else pretty much meets the required specs. 16GB of Ram, 1TB SSD and an i5 processor. 


Could there be anything else causing this issue? Or do I have to keep clearing the cache all the time? 

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