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Out of Sync with Server, Apex Legends

by JobberBro

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Out of Sync with Server, Apex Legends

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Is anyone familiar with the "Out of Sync with Server" error?

Below is a list of possible ways, to fix this issue. But there are no guarantee's so here goes;

> Try change Origin Account.

> Reinstall the game.

> Clear DNS Cache via CMD Prompt (can Google <).

> Restart Computer (use this only if you just installed the game)

> Reset Router, & LAN/WAN connection.

> Reinstall easyanticheat using the "EasyAntiCheat_launcher" located in the game's directory.

> Clear Internet Browser History and try a Disk Cleanup. (<-Use CCleaner if you have it.)

> Update Graphics Drivers and Restart Computer.

> Disable "Cloud Saves" within Origin App - provided by user: tordah.

> Test disabling "Origin In-Game".


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Re: Out of Sync with Server, Apex Legends

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I am having this issue as well. Its extremely frustrating!

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Re: Out of Sync with Server, Apex Legends

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Happened to me 2 times mid fight, very very frustrating.. Doesn't happen on Fortnite..

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Re: Out of Sync with Server, Apex Legends

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This is happening to me as well. I tried all four of OP's suggestions and still no change. 

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Re: Out of Sync with Server, Apex Legends

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They have not fixed the issue either. It was a false reality. After 24 hours, the game continued it's substance abuse, of "Out of Sync".

And 24 hours has gotta be an industry standard for waiting for a reply from someone official, about this... Public "being in the loop" is best for business.

Please tell us this will be patched, or that we can fix it ourselves, and how...

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Hey   I download the game for ps4.After 15-20min in game .The game  "crush" and saw me this message "server is out of sync"    what should i do to fix it?

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Out of Sync with Server

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My game is consistently stuttering and every few games I am kicked from the server with an "Out of Sync with Server" error code. 


Even in the menu's the system is lagging. 


This is on PC, Im running 8700k, 16gb DDR4, GTX 1080. Tried the game installed on both SSD and HDD. 


I've reset my router, played over LAN and WiFi, still the same issue.


Any help?

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Xbox one. Out of sync with server

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So ever since downloading this game I have gotten out of sync with server about 10-15 minutes into a game even got it on training. If theres a fix please help if not fix it asap cause I cant even finish one game without it crashing 

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Re: Out of Sync with Server

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Im on xbox and this has happened to me every game about 15 mins in. Alot of peopme are having this problem yet they havent given out any information as to why its happening
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Re: Out of Sync with Server

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I'm having the same issue. Was working great on launch day and this started happening last night. I'm playing on a PC with a wired connection. 

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