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Origin won't open

by drucom

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Origin won't open/launch at all

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I'll try and open Origin from either the desktop or the start menu, and it will show up on task manager, but nothing shows up at all. Not the login, not an error message, nothing.  I've tried running as admin, ending the process in task manager, un and re installing origin... It's bugging me because I can't play any games.  Any solutions?

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Accepted Solution

Re: Origin won't open/launch at all

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Hello everyone,


If you are unable to open or launch Origin, then delete the OriginThinSetupInternal.exe file and open Origin once more as administratorThe standard location for the Origin this file is C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin.


You can also find the file by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete -> Task Manager - right-click OriginThinSetupInternal.exe -> Open File Location.


Other workarounds:


  1. Enable True Color (32 bit) via Control panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Adjust Screen Resolution -> Advanced -> Monitor
  2. Lower screen resolution via right-click Desktop -> Screen Resolution (Win 7) or Display Settings (Win 10) -> lower the resolution as much as possible 
  3. Disable conflicting programs - think about motherboard apps, or security software such as an anti-virus, anti-malware or firewall
  4. Select the correct display - Press Windows key + P on your keyboard and make sure that you haven't Extended your desktop. Instead, try select Computer Only. Courtesy of this tip goes to @DarkAngel2516.


If you are instead experiencing a blank screen upon installing or login, then refer to the following thread:


Refer to our Complete Support - Origin thread for any further questions that you might have:


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Origin won't open

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Hi everyone,


Yesterday I purchased Crysis 3 through Origin and left it downloading overnight. I had just gotten through reinstalling Windows 7 on my computer and the only game I had installed through Origin was Battlefield 3 and all its DLC. This morning I woke up to a finished download of Crysis 3, and because I had a lecture and there were some Windows Updates ready to install I shut-off my PC.


This afternoon I got back eager to play so I booted up my PC and tried opening Origin, but nothing happend. I checked the Task Manager and Origin.exe was supposedly running, but nothing was happening. I ended the process and tried opening it, to no avail. I tried this a few times. I downloaded Origin again from the website and tried reinstalling it. This doesn't work either. I restarted the computer and tried opening Origin again, with no success.


What could be the problem? I want to avoid re-downloading and re-installing those 2 games because it's 30 or so gigabytes that I'd rather not wait for again. 


What are some other methods I can try? 

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Re: Origin won't open

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I have the exact same issue. Had Battlefield 3 installed. Uninstalled it before I got Crysis 3. Crysis 3 installation updated Origin first and then stopped. Origin just won't work anymore. I uninstalled Origin and even used RegEditor to remove any entries in the Registry. Reinstalled Origin. Get a weird message if I try to run Origin.exe, that this device or path is not accessable. I might not have the permissions to access it... ???? Huh?! I'm admin of my computer! I have all rights!


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Re: Origin won't open

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Oh, and Origin.exe disappears after the first try to execute it. No, my virus protection is not responsible for the disappear.

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Re: Origin won't open

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I have the same problem. I also have a problem of my order not showing up in order history. 

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Re: Origin won't open

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Ok, so the EA FAQ was absolutely useless so I did some searching and found a thread in that had a quicker way to find a fix than to redownload everything.


I copied the folders of the two games I had installed (BF3 and Crysis 3) from "C:\Program Files\Origin Games" to my desktop, and then I uninstalled Origin. I made sure to delete any registry entries linked with it. I then re-downloaded Origin from the website, and installed it. I started up downloading both games so that it would create the folders for each of them again. I downloaded about 60 Mb of each before closing Origin from the System Tray. I copied back both folders and opened Origin once again. It detected that they were there, did a quick update, and everything seemed fine.


I started up Crysis 3 and it ran. Tried a quick multiplayer game, then played the campaign a bit. Everything seemed to be fine.


Last night I turned off my PC as I had another pending Windows Update.


I boot it up today and I'm back to square 1. Origin won't open, when I click to open it the Origin.exe process is there but I can't open it and I can't play the games that I paid MONEY for. I can't play the game that I PAID MONEY for 2 days ago, and haven't gotten to enjoy basically.


What gives? How come Steam gets it so unbelievably right and Origin gets it so unbelievably wrong?

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Re: Origin won't open

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same problem. did so much to try and fix this but still nothing.  i also updated java and played around with that too. yet i get nowhere


it makes me mad that i paid for this and it wont work. 

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Re: Origin won't open

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Disable overlays from external programs such as TS3, Mumble or Steam. If that helps, add origin.exe to the blacklist for the overlay of those applications.


Lately it seems most (if not all) applications are considered 3D full-screen applications by a host of VOIP/overlay programs and this causes this kind of problems.


Do you have AMD graphics by any chance? Catalyst 13.1?

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Re: Origin won't open

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Origin is very very strange. Now I'm thinking that it had something to do with a Windows Update.


After I made my 2nd post I tried what I had tried before, but making sure I right-clicked and did everything with Administrator rights. Reinstalled the games, then I ran another Windows Update. I restarted my computer, and I made sure to open Origin by right-clicking on it and Running it as the Administrator. It seemed to open up fine, I was able to play around with Crysis 3.


As a test, I shut down my computer and booted up again, and did the same thing. Run as Administrator, and it works.


It's strange, because prior to my first 2 posts, I was also attempting to open it as the Administrator, to no avail. Perhaps some Windows Update was interfering with it?


@silver55: I don't have Teamspeak 3 or Mumble, and I had done that before. I also had added origin.exe to the list of programs to ignore by Nod32 and Windows Firewall prior to all these problems. I also have an NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti so I don't think it was that. 


It must have been a Windows Update interfering with it, which is the oddest thing. Everything else on my PC worked perfectly.


For now it seems to work, I'll give it a few more days.



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Re: Origin won't open

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First i wanna apologize because my english isn't very good.


I had the same problem and i somehow was able to solve it, so im gonna share it here in case anyone finds this post from google and is having the same issue. Im not really sure what was causing the problem, as i changed a couple of things at the same time (after reinstalling Origin a couple of times, did all this  at once) then Origin client worked.


Origin version is:

OS Version: Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate

UAC disabled

Comodo firewall free version

AVG AntiVirus free (see step 5)

I did a full manual uninstall:


Those are the step i followed afterwards:


1) Downloaded and installed the last java version from the java website (Replace "en" with your language)

2) Downloaded Origin FULL INSTALLER (OriginSetup.exe) from

3) Set the following propierties to the installer: Run as administrator and Compatibility set to Windows XP SP3

4) Added C:\Origin to the AntiVirus exceptions

5) Opened the installer and installed on C:\Origin instead of C:\Program Files(x86)\Origin

6) Set "Share hardware information", "Install Icons on Main Menu" and "Automatic Updates" only


After a short while Origin installed, checked for updates and brought me to the login screen.


Im sure one or two of those steps might be useless, but i wanted to reproduce exactly what i did, i hope this can help somebody.


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