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Origin Store Language Change

by pakeneminen

Original Post

Re: Origin Store Language Change

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I just spoke with an agent on live chat, its still not possible and no suggestion its listed as a future update - only thing he advised was to contact our ISP and ask them to change the IP to your native language location... basically, useless.

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Re: Origin Store Language Change

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If this company is incapable of giving me a shop in English, or at least a Japanese site where I can with some certainty select the english version of the games I want, then at least I know there's  a whole world wide web of pirated copies just waiting for me.


Guess who won't be spending any money today!

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Re: Origin Store Language Change

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you can login in origin ,using google chrome and google chrome has translator inside 

i am in thailand and i have the same problem

but this oring problem looks really dumb because all sites with ip tracking and language can be changed manually how hard can be putting a language select in the footer on the origin shop

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Re: Origin Store Language Change

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Haha this is so ridiculous!


I am from Germany but live in France right now, so basically i can just see the shop in french PLUS that in the data fields i can not choose "Germany"!

PLUS that in french the online banking option, which is available in the german version, is not available!

I cannot change the language anyhow, googletranslate doesnt work since I can not fill in that i am from germany nor pay with online banking no matter of translation!


EA you suck so bad, this is far beyond ridiculous!

You stupid gimps won´t receive any cent this is for sure, no matter what you try to resolve this problem, you lost some customers, i will take care of this!

Bunch of fckkin amateurs, everything was good when mythic took care of this, EA is a pain in the ass. I hope some EA-employees read this and directly jump out of the next window they can find.

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Re: Origin Store Language Change

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Hi, is there a workaround or solution already for this ?


I live in Austria and want the Storepage in english. I set Origin Client to english language, but the store is still in german.

Come on EA this is no freaking beta test anymore, get a grip.


Thank you.

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Re: Origin Store Language Change

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No. The Issue exists since 2009 but apparently translating a shop to english is beyond the realm of what EA can do.


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Re: Origin Store Language Change

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Issue exists since 2009, it's halfway through 2013, this has not been solved?


I just joined Origin because of the Humble Bundle, I wanted to give Origin a chance because of charity and all that marketing strategy,

but I now see (One of the reasons) they suck, how hard it is to chance the bloody language of the store?

Besides the even worse fact that the whole client has the language all messed up for me (Some parts are showing up in spanish, some in english)


I generally stay away of any IP tracking sites, and Origin... you will be no exception, Thank **bleep** I didn't give you any of my money

Hopefully it will actually go all to charity.


Keep up the good work driving clients away who actually want to buy your games but they can't because they can't 

understand the store language or because they just don't like faulty products.


Heading back to STEAM where I don't have such stupidly easy to solve problems (let alone still can't figure it out after 3 **bleep**ing years jezz...)

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Re: Origin Store Language Change

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What that guy said. ↑


Smell you later EA. I am going back to Steam too.


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Re: Origin Store Language Change

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humblebundle here too, Brit in Thailand, cannot see the store, all wonky (looks like Thai language to me) cannot seem to change it?


Anyway, I obviously cant purchase but I can play the games so.. whatever.

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Re: Origin Store Language Change

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Sigh, also here because of my humble bundle purchase, thought I could find another digital distrubuting platform similar to Steam, but this language issue is very frustrating, I'm just going to download my games and forget about this piece of crap forever.

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