[Origin] FIFA 21 10 hours not recognizing - EA play access

by Qwaltz777

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[Origin] FIFA 21 10 hours not recognizing - EA play access

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Hi I have Fifa 21 pre-downloaded as well as EA Play, however the release date on Origin still shows as October 8, 2020. Is there a way to get the 10 hours of early access?


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Re: Fifa 21 Not recognizing EA play access

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Hi, I was able to get access by going to the "EA Play" tab in origin and selecting the "Game Trials" dropdown. From there I was able to select the Fifa 21 trial and select "view Trial" and then click the hyperlink "Game Library" from the Fifa 21 (Trial) popup. A bit of a difficult way to navigate to the trial but it works.

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Can someone explain to me about early access

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So I have EA access, I have the Champs Edition purchased and downloaded. But it is saying I'm too early to play the game. I thought it went live at 4pm? 

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No early acces for Fifa 21

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It`s already 20 minutes after the release of the early acces and I cant get in game. It`s says on steam that it has a patch to downlad but it wont do it. Any advice?

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Trial on xbox

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So i can’t seem to get on on xbox , in ea play my fifa doesn’t come up & store is messing up aswell , what to do ?

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FIFA 21 not in ea pla

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FIFA 21 not showing up in ea play 

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ea sports fifa 21 ultimate edition

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I pre ordered Fifa 21 Ultimate edition on origin and downloaded it already 
and i subscribed to EA Play so i can access it from today for 10 hours 
but when i try to open the game it tells me that
Windows release date: October 6 ??
can someone help me with that
My ID: MSerryxD
Platform: Origin / PC 

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Re: FIFA 21 not in ea pla

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@pilled69 Which platform are you on?

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Re: FIFA 21 not in ea pla

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same thing for me

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Re: FIFA 21 not in ea pla

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Same here

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Re: Fifa 21 Not recognizing EA play access

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Same here, very dissatisfied! 

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