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Re: Option to turn off EFFECTS!!

by setadoon

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Option to turn off EFFECTS!!

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Can you PLEASE add an option to turn off/turn down weather and environmental effects?


I don't know how many tiny pieces of ash, rain, wind, flies, etc, etc you feel the need to add to one screen at the same time.... It is extremely distracting and unnecessary to have that much "trash".



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Re: Option to turn off EFFECTS!!

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Cant help but think this would be a huge help for PC users FPS and possibly take some load off the CPU and GPU. Add to that the fact that nights aren't just dark, they are black, which makes it almost impossible to fly through a cave tunnel, let alone find it. And yes, I tried the brighten function, makes it to light during the day and doesn't seem to affect night darkness...

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Re: Option to turn off EFFECTS!!

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Yes, I am on PC as well. That would help with cpu/gpu loads for sure. And, have a cleaner visual experience.


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