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Online problems (Connectivity + No Sound after first match done)

by Leston90

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Online problems (Connectivity + No Sound after first match done)

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Hi, so I bought FIFA 17 last week and just this week i started to play online matches.


Im not enjoying them, first because the first game goes fine but someone just disconnects, or even me.

Then the next game I want to play, the sound is completely turned off theres no absolute sound on the game, unbearable.

Already have 4 losses from disconnects and one of them because i tried to change a song on desktop (alt+tab it disconnected me when i came back to the game lol)

Third, after I finish the online match, I quit and it takes me to this blurry stadium picture and it freezes there, it doesnt do anything else so i have to close the game and restart it.


All these problems only on online, the rest of the game is fine!


Anyone with the same problems? Any solutions?


Thanks in advance.

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