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Re: One time password on every launch

by proxos666

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One time password on every launch

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Since about a week ago, everytime I open the SWTOR launcher and log in, it asks for a one time password because "I'm logging in from a new location". I'm logging in from the same computer and the same internet connection that I always have, so I'm confused as to why it keeps asking me this, and the other problem is that it takes on average half an hour for the email with the password to come through. Is there a way around this, or am I forced to wait thirty mins everytime I want to play?

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Re: One time password on every launch



You could add a security key to the account and get an extra 100cc a month, with the key attached there is no need to wait for an email

Winauth can be used on the PC as well for example then copy and paste to the launcher 


the email thinking your at a new location could be a number of reasons like from the antivirus removing say cookies to your modem dropping and getting a new ip address


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