Not able to earn cash

by mumzf3lj85f1

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Not able to earn cash

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Not able to earn cash. Says I’m not of age but I’m 30..I used to be able to but then stopped 

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Re: Not able to earn cash

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Hi @mumzf3lj85f1


That sounds really odd. You used to be able to...? Hmmmm, somethings not right about this. Would you mind reading through these questions and sharing the answers in your reply? It could help us piece together a better understanding of what might be happening for you. 


  1. When did this change happen for you?
  2. Did you recently update your game/app store?
  3. Did you recently back-up your game to another connected account (App Store, Twitter, Facebook or EA account)? 
  4. Do you have your Player ID on hand just in case? Y/N (Please do not post your Player ID on the forums)





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