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Not Receiving One-Time Password

by Chris1655

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

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I have problem with ONP. About several days I started playing SWOTOR again. I new this day will come someday so I save my login and password in safe location. Everything is fine. A very long update at launcher and I can play again. Yesterday I decide to buy a subscription. And there is a problem... I tried to log in one the site but I don't recive ONE TIME PASSWORD. I even change my e-mail on the EA couple times. I have hope that I don't have to call to support. And yes. I did check the guide.

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

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I'm also having this problem.


I can't tell if it's because the OTP email is going to the wrong email address or because there is a general issue with verification emails being sent atm.


I've tried several different different emails on my origin account, and I get the initial email about changing the address but then I can not get any verification emails after that.


I also do not get any email from swtor about changing my email when I change it on origin.


EDIT: I've confirmed with swtor CS that the email on the swtor account is not updating when I update my origin account. Furthermore, they insist they cannot do anything at all, that they ONLY way they can verify I am the owner of the account is by email verification to the old email on the account that is no longer possible to access.


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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

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I seem to have the same issue. One day after I played the game, this one-time password verification showed up. 


My problem is I cannot remember my SWTOR account's credentials anymore (email adress specifically) to my display name and password which is annoying me.


Can I get any sort of help? My display name for the game is Kruthuss, if it helps. Thank you.



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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password




If you do not know the email address for your account you would need to call Customer Service.  For security purposes they are not able to recover that information via the forums.  Their contact info and hours of operation are here.  If you have Skype, WhatsApp or another VoIP program, you can call for free or at a discounted rate if needed.


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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

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I see... I just wish a live writing chat was possible as a way, too. I am afraid of phone calls lately and I do not feel too much confident I could do it through it.
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