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Not Receiving One-Time Password

by Chris1655

Original Post

Re: One time password

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I'm having problems with the otp since yesterday.

I'm actually receiving the otp but I'm receiving it after a long time (2 or more hours after I try to login) and it obviously doesn't work.

I've tried again to log in about 40 minutes ago and I'm still waiting for the otp.

I can only add that, until now, every attempt I made resulted in getting an otp even if too late to be useful.

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Re: One time password

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Yeah, received the emails a few minutes after I posted

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Re: One time password

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Twenty-four hours after my post, I'm still not able to login and, if possible, the situation is worsening…

That's because I'm now receiving the otp mails only after more than 4 hours from my login attempt on game launcher and If I try to login on my account on the SWTOR website I'm not receiving any otp mail at all.

I really hope someone could check what's the problem with my account…

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Re: One time password




Can you see if any steps in this guide here helps.


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Re: One time password

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Why is this still a problem? I have asked multiple times today to receive the one time password to no avail. It appears that this problem has been going on since last October, yet here we are still not receiving our OTP? I just want to play again. I have a yahoo email account, and just tried a few things you suggested @Belgorad but none of them worked. 

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Re: One time password

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The problem is persisting and remaining frustrating. At 5:33 the one time password arrived after 10 minutes.Same thing the day before (for some reason when i use my home internet it doesnt require a one time password, but my internet is so bad i use my phone's hotspot because it is ACTUALLY BETTER, which makes me require a one time password for some reason)

at 7, i tried logging in after getting back from dinner.

it has been an HOUR since I was supposed to have receieved the one time password via my gmail. this is not acceptable.

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Re: One time password

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I know I just posted, but I have tried to change my email several times to try and see if that was the problem, but I am not even receiving the confirmation email for those. This is kinda crappy.

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Re: One time password

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I am having this problem as well now. Gmail account.  

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Re: One time password

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(The emails are arriving, but it takes about 40 minutes, by which time they have expired. In contrast, emails regarding my posts on this help forum thread are arriving instantly...)

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Re: One time password

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... and now suddenly one actually came through in time. Phew!

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