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Not Receiving One-Time Password

by Chris1655

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

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Played the hurry up and wait game for several hours last night.  Not all attempts resulted in a password email. 


This really is unacceptable.  Suddenly the servers can't recognize the only computer on which I have *ever* played the game.  Then they cannot apparently find gmail.  And judging by the fact that I received a very late email to roughly half the attempts (each spaced ~20 minutes apart so there was no accidental overlap), the system is broken.  


Without the OTP, there is no way to log into game and report the error.  Without the OTP, there is no way to log into the forums and report the error.  Without the OTP, there is no way to purchase (purchase!) a security key which theoretically bypasses the OTP in future.  The only recourse is to hit social media - no answer at Facebook or Twitter, no official interest at Reddit.


So began again this morning.  About an hour and a half in, finally received the OTP for my main account.  Promptly canceled my subscription.  Rinse and repeat for my secondary account.


Eta:  Ironically, I received an email confirmation of this post almost immediately to the registered gmail account.  

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

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Day 4, one time password still not working. Customer Service on the phone: we are working on it. FOUR DAYS?????? I do not buy that. Good thing: no one time password, no unsubscribing. Smart!

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

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Sadly I live in Australia and ringing EA would cost a lot of money plus I am in a different time zone so your business hours are very different to mine.  While I understand security, it does not make it user friendly to people that do not live in the US.  It is extremely unfair that the cartel coins email comes through to say I have been charged money for a game I can not access at all.


I would request a refund since I am not receiving the service I paid for but making a call would probably cost me more than my subscription.  I believe EA should be ashamed that this has happened.


My log in Display name is "Melinus"  and I have been unable to use the game for almost two weeks, this is not good service.


A very upset subscriber

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

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Not sure what phone plan you have , mine charges 3 cents a minute to the UK so $1.80 for an hour phone call, the UK number is usually the prime number to call


You could try skype if an option , $2.20 gets you 30 minutes for the month or $4.40 gets you unlimited calls to the UK from Australia - see link for rates


This issue has been going for about 3-4 days so if you have had an issue for 2 weeks I would strongly recommend calling support.


You can discuss any compensation or credit for time lost as part of the call.


External to the UK number is 


  • UK: +44 203 0141 826 (Phone support available from 15.00 GMT - 3.00 GMT)


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Re: One time password

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I don't notice an update about this issue, but I can confirm so far tonight I got my PW in about a minute.

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Re: One time password

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Yes, I apologise we didn't say anything, but the issue has been resolved as of yesterday as a fix has been deployed.


Thanks for hanging in there and the friendly reminder that you now can set up a security key and once done you don't have to worry about an OTP ever again (unless you lose your phone that is)



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Betreff: One time password

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is there one for Canada

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Betreff: One time password




Here you can find all supported numbers to call.

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Re: One time password

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I'm sorry, but this problem just came up for me today. Yesterday, while I was paying for a subscription and downloading the game everything worked, but today, nothing. Can't open my account, can't open the game because of OTP. I use gmail.

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Re: One time password

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@Shaadysanuri I see you were able to log on a few minutes after posting. Is everything OK now?

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