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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

by AnarinyaC

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password




Good to hear! :eahigh_file:  Enjoy the game, and may the Force be with you. Wink

Viele Grüße und ein frohes neues Jahr / Many Greetings and happy new Year

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

Community Manager

Hi everyone,


I wanted to let you guys know that this is indeed still being worked on. The issue keeps coming back once it's fixed so I would like to thank you all for your patience while we wait for a more permanent fix. In the meantime the problem is intermittent.


This is affecting not only the one time password but any kind of emails sent from SWTOR. If you require assistance to login, please contact CS via phone and they'll give you your one time password after verifying your account with you.


If you need to reset your password and don't need the one time password but don't receive your reset email, you can do so via use the email associated to your SWTOR account as a username, and click on Forgotten password. You'll get the email from EA, and changing the password will change it on SWTOR.


I hope this will soon come to an end for all of you so you can play without this very annoying issue. 


Thank you for your understanding.

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

★ Apprentice

Same for me. Along with some other irritating issues I am having, now this too... Sometimes the password comes long after 15 minutes, which ends up not working of course. Sometimes it comes a little before and I miss it because I go to do something else while waiting. And again it don't work because I am a minute late or so? Few times it just doesn't come at all. Fun times. I haven't been able to get on yet today at all. Started in the morning, now its almost midnight. Tried randomly throughout the day.

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

★ Apprentice

Using Yahoo. checked spam filter already. Sometimes the PW comes late. Sometimes not at all.

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

★★★ Newbie

Sooo, after trying unsuccessfully last night, I woke up to two one time passwords /facepalm . This morning I just tried to remove security key again and it actually sent within 5 minutes. 


Problem is, now because "we dont recognize the computer you're using" I have to wait on another one-time password. This is getting ridiculous....

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

★★ Newbie

I am using gmail, and in my case I am seeing one-time password responses *eventually*, but typically not for >1 hour. 


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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

★★ Newbie
*PLEASE* -- disable the one-time password system until you can get it working properly. I have been unable to play the game for >24 hours.
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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

★★★ Novice

For three days now I am trying to help a friend set up his security key to get rid of this one time password issue. Yesterday it took you SIX hours to send the password. Today 45 minutes to send an outdated password. I suggest to disable the one time password thing. Subscribers (paying customers!) want to please use the product they pay for

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

★★★ Novice

I know it is frustrating. I was looking forward to playing this weekend too. But we have to be patient until they fix the issue. We should also have some understanding. They would turn off OTP if it was that simple. I doubt it is in their interest to * people off and lose customers.

They will find a solution, the force is with them. Standard smile

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Re: Not Receiving One-Time Password

★★★ Newbie

Alright folks, I'm making progress. I have successfully defeated the mini-bosses OTP 1 (remove security key)  and OTP 2 (We dont recognize your computer). I am shocked to find myself faced with yet a THIRD OTP! This time, to log into the game itself. Wish me luck. Roll the dice. Hope that whatever * server is responsible for sending these things still has its hamster on the wheel. 

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