Nobody can die

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Nobody can die

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Twice within the span of a week I have joined a game where nobody can die. People fire at each other, try to kill each other, their health goes down, they do not die. You can run around the map outside of the usual boundaries and you will not die. Is this because someone was cheating when the game began and it glitched, or is it a strange bug that happens occasionally? I've been playing the game for two years now and never saw it before - last week on the Death Star map another player said they'd seen it happen before.

It happened just now on the Yavin map and I recorded some gameplay to show you -


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Re: Nobody can die

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Had the same thing happen in another game just now. I'm convinced that it's due to someone starting in the game with an invincibility cheat and it glitching and giving the cheat to everyone. Naboo map -


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Cheaters with admin mod completely break the game

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There is a new kind of cheating - similar to the admin mod.
I see him with this every day, several times a day, in the "Galactic Battle" mode.
Option 1: The cheater kills all 40 players in the loop at the same time, if the player tries to respawn, he instantly dies again. Because of this, it is impossible to complete the mission in principle.
Option 2: The cheater activates the mode (developer mode?) When the life of all 40 players cannot go below 1, that is, the player cannot die unless he chooses the "respawn".

In one of the games, I appeared with a team with a cheater and could watch him in "Spectator Mode" - I managed to record a short video of the second option described above.


Moderators - don't delete this video! This is NOT a complaint about a cheater and NOT a request to ban him! This video is a demonstration of this type of cheating - so that EA specialists clearly understand what is being said.



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Briefly from what can be seen in the video.
1) I see incomprehensible commands on the screen at the beginning of the video, I think that they affected all 40 players.
2) It can be seen that the players cannot kill each other.
3) It can be seen that the cheater has endless shock grenades, which he throws one by one.

I ask that you convey the information to the responsible people.

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Re: Cheaters with admin mod completely break the game

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Hey @lasavita, please do not accuse any other users of cheating as doing so is technically a breach of the AHQ User Rules and Guidelines.


Any linking to videos or naming of users and accusing them of cheating will be actioned.


If you are in-game and suspect a user of cheating then please report them by following the steps in this link:


We take all reports very seriously and will fully investigate.



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Re: Cheaters with admin mod completely break the game

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Hi Darko,

So as we understand, your team is taking care of this bug?

Because I found it this on monday in Co op mode, (just check my user account) and for one day the Scarif map was buged, no one could die, because health fell to 1 ,and that's it. You can't die, sometimes, if i puch force a bot the wall while he was 1 hp he died, but then again it was hard to win the match because everyone tryed to play for a bit and then left the match, and the real players left and came. The next day it was the Hoth map. So if we detele the option of cheating, then the servers have a bug. If it goes in every single mode, YOU have a problem, the player will leave, but i'm sure your team knows that. So please do your best and fix this. I think you could filter the games by looking that there are just 1 or 2 frags at best. Because at the end of one loooooong game, i scored 2 kills(frags) and 30-40k points.


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...and I thought hacking was bad in Apex...

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So, I decided to try out Battlefront 2 since I got it free awhile back on Epic. First day was okay, played mostly co-op and really enjoyed it, leveled up characters and finding my favorite heroes (Yoda and Leia are my two favorites so far).


...then I jump on this morning and find most co-op games are being hacked and nobody can die in them... What the actual heck? Why even???

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Re: ...and I thought hacking was bad in Apex...


You've got to be pretty bad to feel the need to hack a Co-op match.


Make sure you report them.

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Game won't let me spawn

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I've been having a new issue, of late. It doesn't happen to often thankfully... but it's still an issue. The game won't let me spawn, like at all at times, whether as a trooper or reinforcement.

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Re: Game won't let me spawn

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What platform are you on and you dont happen to have a video of it? @YellowBlade03



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Re: ...and I thought hacking was bad in Apex...

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I think its a bug because last week and today on SFA ( Endor ) happened the same---nobody could die :-)

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