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At last you noticed. There's a reason I was telling you to check the mods out
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Not sure what you refer to as "hostility". I assume it's your take on myself being insistent about the fact that you can't do much about the 1hp as in wanting to screw with your path towards the solution. Thing is, there really isn't anything you can do unless EA steps in. If you don't believe it, take a look at your proposals such as "reporting players" or "boycotting" EA
[3:11 PM]
Reporting players is as unpractical and ineffective as it gets. It's hard enough to find out the player causing the mayhem, let alone get them banned by EA reports system which isn't operational
[3:13 PM]
When it comes to "boycotting" EA, there's as much effort being put in it as there can be on players' behalf. A Discord composed of 22 people isn't capable of making any difference when hundreds of pages on forums and reddits hardly caused any effect
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Do you expect a person knowingly releasing a piece of software that's going to break the game to want to "exonerate" himself in front of masses? At least if I understand what you mean by redeeming yourself correctly

I must know however; WHY did you do this? What reason could possibly motivate you to do something like this

Are you asking it as in blaming or you're genuinely interested in knowing?

I actually want to know what made you want to do this

Why did you made this, did you get * on so bad that if you can't have fun no one else can

Pretty long story, and of no concern to you

If you like to think that, sure
[2:48 PM]
I ain't got the time or motivation to contest it

Dont avoid the question. If you dont have the balls to tell us why, then admit it. Im willing to listen to a long story, considering how long we've had to wait to properly play this game. so go ahead. I also think it does concern me, as well as everyone on this server

Yeah , tell us the story

we dont care how long it takes

Technically it isn't me hacking, it's people using a hack I published. And I simply cba to write up the long story, ask  he might though he has as little obligation to as me, obviously.

And don't give us another excuse to avoid our question, . You did this, now you have to explain why.

Clayton didn't publish it, he just helped making it by coming up with the method

I also think antagonizing us is pretty pointless, as this vulnerability shouldn't have been in the game in the first place. It has been discovered by other people before the publishing of the hack and has been abused to an extent that made the game unplayable before. If this game was any more popular, to the point that cheat providers would deem it to be worth considering it would've been discovered in a matter of weeks after the initial release. It would also be a rather easy patch for EA to implement.
[1:14 AM]
I think you should blame the people you paid to have a seamless multiplayer experience and not the people who expose their mistakes

There is a difference between exposing their mistakes and permanently destroying a game. I blame EA for not doing a good job on this game, but at the end of the day, the hackers who made the choice to exploit this and make the game unplayable are the ones who REALLY made the game awful. You really expected EA to react quickly to this hack? Cmon. I know this vulnerability shouldnt be in the game, but knowingly using it to ruin the experience of others is even worse.

I didn't expect them to react quickly, but it's what they should've done.
[5:30 AM]
To be fair I thought it would be patched by now, especially with the outrage. But I don't mind, either way

Yes its what they shouldve done. Regardless you did this knowing that EA would likely not fix it given their history. You may not mind, but many people do. They dont care that the game has some flaws, since its almost all that we as star wars fans have to go with right now for multiplayer. The disregard for the effect of your decision on others shows a lack of empathy. Doing this at all meant you at least considered the possibility that EA would never fix it, and would make many people have wasted their money on not just a sub-par game, but a literally unplayable one. As star wars fans, we're tired of being screwed over by massive corporations. Battlefront 2 isn't something EA would prioritize. If you wanted to do this to convince EA to step up their game, you're wasting your time. EA is an awful studio who doesn't listen to their customers, and won't listen even if you hack them. Above all, EA has screwed us over even more because of your actions. If you hadnt done this, sure we have a subpar game. But at least it would be playable

It's just a game, mate.
[12:42 PM]
Yes I'm not very empathic when it comes to people I never met and if it's over a game, I won't contest tha

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@91comet91 What you are saying is completely wrong. Dash and BattleDash are 2 completely different people. Dash is a mod/cheat maker, not an actual programmer. BattleDash is a reverse engineer and actual programmer. In fact both clayton and dash have their own cheating discord server and they were talking sh*t about BattleDash, the guy who made kyber. Kinda funny when he is much more capable than them and instead of making things to destroy the game, he is actually developing things for the community. I think it's not cool to spread false information. Anyway 1hp is going to get fixed soon, from what I hear EA will share good news with everyone when they are 100% the fix will work. Everything will be fixed including server wipe, admin chat, etc.

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Re: Nobody can die

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5 good games 4 bs games

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Re: Nobody can die

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wow they found it?

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Re: Nobody can die

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Yeah ... this kinda got lost in the sands of Tatooine and it took our devs quite a bit to unearth it again. Sorry about that!


Part two of the thread can be found here and as far as I know the issue itself should be resolved by now.


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Re: Nobody can die

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@EA_Spectre there might be another dose pop up as much but could do harm again to the game
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Re: Nobody can die

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@91comet91 I'll take a look into this

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Re: Nobody can die

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@EA_Rtas thank i have been keep a eye on it
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Re: Nobody can die

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Glad to hear it is fixed!! 

I'll give the game another go soon. 

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Re: Nobody can die

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now we got non fling heroes in the game and a refresh hack where some one build 4k battle points right away 

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