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Re: No sound ingame

by tomstian123

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No sound ingame

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So, ive tried searching the forum, cant find anything on this. I get no sound what so ever in the game (not in cinematics, not in conversations, not whilst driving, nothing), 

I tried searching elsewhere on the internet, made sure my windows sonic was turned off, as it always is. I also made sure that my sound out-data was correct, i get sound in whatever else game im playing, just not in this game. 

I went into settings ingame, sound was set to "home cinema" or whatever, i changed it to headphones, restarted, still no sound. 

It really is starting to * me off. I bought Origin premium to play jedi fallen order. went through hell to even get to starting the game. And now I get issues with NFS Heat. RUBBISH.

All help will be appreciated. Adding dxdiag report. 

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Re: No sound ingame

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Never mind, I uninstalled Nahimic 2, all good. 

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