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No "Connect" button in options

by exfailo

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No "Connect" button in options

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So I bought a new phone and wanted to keep playing the game but I cant connect to my Google Play account. I have downloaded the Google Play app, logged in and run SW:GoH through it but it won't link the account with game. I looked for solutions and saw that there should be a button for connecting old account in setting but I don't have it there. Reinstalling the app won't help. It will just log me into new guest account. Thanks for answers.

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Re: No "Connect" button in options

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Hi @exfailo,

Did you set up your old device to be ready for the transfer? Also it'd be important to be connected up to wifi (or mobile data but wifi tends to be stronger and more stable).

Double check those things and follow the steps in this EA Help article:

- EA_Lanna


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