No party chat

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No party chat

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I’m not sure if this is a technical issue. The party chat option was long gone like over half a year ago. I used to be able to see who popped in or to say hi in other parties. When the option was gone, I simply assumed maybe this is so for the game to run smoother. Friend list still intact, can join and host parties.


But from some topics about chats, I realized the function is still available and I don’t see it as a known issue from the bug list. Please let me know if I should put this somewhere else or open a case. Thanks.


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Re: No party chat

Chat is not available for players under 14 y.o. so if you accidentally chose the wrong age, you would need to reinstall the app.

Please, keep in mind your progress will be removed from the device, so you might want to save it on the cloud before uninstalling:

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Re: No party chat

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@SalixCat Thank you. I did remove and reinstall, but things went weird. It asked me if I want to restore, of course yes. It gave me back my first retired sim in a level 1 house to clear. I guess the data is gone?
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