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No help from The Sims Mobile Support

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From August 16, 2023. I'm still writing, with another consultant, about restoring the game progress I lost. I have managed to download data from the cloud many times. 16/08/2023. There was a problem with the game and my gameplay was not in the cloud save. I immediately contacted support. Despite assurances that there would be no problem with the restoration, so far my case has not reached the technical department. Each time a new consultant comes up with a new question about my gameplay, I answered all of them. I don't know why you're delaying sending the matter to the technicians. .I have been playing The Sims Mobile since the game's beta release. There is no point in starting the game from the beginning, I wasted too much time and invested money in the game. Loss of progress will result in resignation from the game and the liquidation of the Facebook page and group that I run for Polish players. You don't mean to tell me that there is no point in wasting time and money on your game? You respond to reports as if you didn't read my messages, or you desperately want to close the case even though the problem has not been solved, or you ask questions that are answered in my message. I have the impression that poor quality bots suit me. If you are unable to secure the data I spent money on, please refund the money I spent on items that I now have no access to because you are unable to help. After 3 months of constant writing, the consultant sent me here to the forum, probably just to get rid of me.

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Re: No help from The Sims Mobile Support

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I lost my gameplay on 07/08/2023, after the update of male sims going shirtless, and I finally got someone to escalate but he said I probably lost all my progress.The consultants stopped responding to me completely until I did this chat tonight. I even reported them to the Better Business Burea here in the US. I’m not playing snymore because of it.

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