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Re: No black hairstyles

by EA_Mai

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No black hairstyles

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There is absolutely NO REASON why in 2020, a year after the Hair Discrimination act has been passed and effective in multiple states, that your mobile gaming option has NO styles for black American, african, Jamaican, or any other kind of ethnic woman that aligns with most of our hair types and traditional styles. It’s offensive, it’s excluding a large demographic, and it is quite frankly irresponsible to ignore your consumers in such a blatantly disrespectful manner. This is absolutely no reason for this. There are updates and new versions of games, and those serve the purpose of fixing previous errors. This company needs to look into making an update and making it a good one. The closest thing you currently have is a pitiful braiding style that consists of braids put in a ponytail. I have actually decided on being bald than even having a virtual character subject to the kind of historically offensive oppression associated with imposing these hairstyles on black women. 

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Re: No black hairstyles

Community Manager

It's important for us that all our players feel represented in our games, so thank you very much for the feedback @RamyaH2002 !


There are more hairstyles in The Sims Mobile than the ones in your pictures, but I believe not all of them are available when you first create a Sim. While not as much content is there for you to pick from when you first start playing, we aim to have a variety of choices in the different Create A Sim categories from the beginning.


Let me pass your feedback on to the game team so they are aware you’d like them to review diversity of hairstyles.


Thanks again!


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