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Re: No VoIP?

by Sleepwalker_VIE

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No VoIP?

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Never heard anybody else talk and no way to tell if I'm transmitting. It's same equipment that works fine in everything else.

Is VoIP just not functional at this point?

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Rif.: No VoIP?

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It works, just almost no one of the random uses it.

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Rif.: No VoIP?

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@xlsangrelx wrote:

It works, just almost no one of the random uses it.

It works sometimes.


At best I've been able to get half a word out before it stopped picking up my voice. I've only heard one other person try to speak and it was just a partial syllable.

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Re: No VoIP?

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its work . sometime I hear ppl talk :0

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Re: No VoIP?

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I very rarely see the sound waves after a player to show they are talking. Always less than a second, and I never hear anything. I've tried VOIP to text on and off, in case it was sound but no luck. So yet a different bug.

I haven't even tried talking myself, but can't hear anything the few times someone else seems to be.
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Re: No VoIP?

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People can deactivate it, then they dont hear you either. I did that one time when I had a player in the game who transferred his TV background along with his game sound to us and really thought someone could still understand what he was babbling about.


Some respond, most dont. I always say thanks after a rez, rarely get anything back.

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Re: No VoIP?

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 in Windows 10 64 bits, go to


- Windows Settings
- Privacy
- Microphone
- Under "Allow apps to access your microphone" switch to "On"


This has solved my problem that the microphone does not working in BFV.

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