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Re: No Sound when VR Toggled

by EA_Atic

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No Sound when VR Toggled

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I have no issues with the game loading up and sound is played either via my Bose earphones or the TV but as soon as I toggle VR, all sound disappears....


I have made sure my Bose earphones are set to default, I have also gone into Advanced sound options in systems to select my Bose earphones are the selected audio device and still nothing. Even tried with TV speakers... nothing.


I purchased game via Origin and run it through there.


Can anyone help and tell me where I am going wrong?





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Re: No Sound when VR Toggled

★ Guide

I have experienced similar issues.

I suspect there may be a bug.


Try toggling the sound settings in game. your VR should be listed under those settings as a sound destination and for the mic.


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Re: No Sound when VR Toggled

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@CA1-PAINLESS Yep. I have this issue too
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Re: No Sound when VR Toggled

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Same here.


Load the game normally and the audio to my Logitech G935 headset is fine. Toggle to VR and the audio gets pushed to the speakers in my Quest. There is no in game selection to keep the audio at the headphones from what I have found...

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Re: No Sound when VR Toggled

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Helps us to track the issue. 


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