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Betreff: No HK Chip from Story Mode Foundry

by TheRandomno

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No HK Chip from Story Mode Foundry

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Greetings. Today I completed Foundry on Story Mode with my level sixty warrior on the Star Forge server. I clicked on the chest that drops after defeating Revan and only received credits. I clicked on the small holocom with the HK Loyalty Chip floating over it and could not access it (no gold pointing hand). Can it not be accessed in story mode?

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Betreff: No HK Chip from Story Mode Foundry


Hey @Watchdog762


It's also possible in story mode. Do you have the HK Quest active with this character? 

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Betreff: No HK Chip from Story Mode Foundry

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I'm on the mission: Directive: Activate Assassination Protocols. Am I just not far enough along for the parts to be available?

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Betreff: No HK Chip from Story Mode Foundry

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Check the description in the mission log. If it lists the parts and where to collect them, you should be on the correct stage of the mission.


It should still be working in Story Mode, and it seems you know where to look for the part.

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