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Re: No Enemy Sound in Apex

by b3zzkha

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Re: No Enemy Sound in Apex

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@LowMel wrote:

Had the same problems on PC. Solved it by going into windows control panel -> audio -> configure playback device and set it to 7.1 surround even though I am using a headset. Then I activated Windows Sonic for Headsets and virtual 7.1 surround sound. After a restart of the game, my audio problems were solved

@unkurteous l wrote:

I just happened to fix this myself, if you go down and open up your sound settings> playback tab > select your headphones > spatial sound> and turn on 7.1 virtual surround sound with windows sonic it should start to sound how its meant to. Hope this helps!

Marking these two as a temporary solution since it seems to be helping others searching for this issue on our forums. 

The Apex Legends team is aware of audio issues and are looking to address them as soon as possible. This was mentioned in a recent update from Respawn. It was also touched up on back on 3/28 in this post.


Audio Issues

  • Currently testing some potential fixes that will hopefully address many of the performance issues we’ve seen reported.

Thank you all so much for your patience on this and we'll do our best to provide more updates around it as soon as possible.

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Re: No Enemy Sound in Apex

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I shot one player and next i know someone is close to me and shoting me. its like the sound of enemy disapears!?
i have repaird and everything is up to date! GET YOUR SERVER FIXED!

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