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Nightsister Zombie broken

by Cuckman67

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Nightsister Zombie broken

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My friend has been working on a nightsister team for a while for the exact reason I am bringing this up. The zombie’s ability to reactively taunt and unlimitedly revive, alongside the top tier healing ability of all the important nightsisters together, make the team a bit broken to fight. Enclosed is a screen cap of a few messages between us on the game where he states that his nightsister team, at only around 40k power, has beaten multiple teams of over 80k power. Just wanted to bring up that I believe this team to be quite broken in case anyone else feels the same.

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Re: Nightsister Zombie broken

@Cuckman67 Hi, the night sister team definitely has a lot of synergies, and can be very effective. However, there are no unbeatable teams in the game right now, and Nightsisters are unlikely to be nerfed, as they are nowhere near the “top” of powerful teams right now.

GP of squads can be relatively meaningless - properly built and modded teams with good synergy end up being much more powerful than their GP might indicate. Most high GP guilds stop paying attention to squad GP, and instead base their plans on squad compositions instead.
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