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Nfs heat all progress lost

by muscleboy9

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Re: need for speed heat lost save ps4

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@SpykeWolf I lost all my data to the game as well and this is the second time. When I turned my playstation 4 on it made me either transfer my data to a external storage device or reset my data. I have no external storage device that I can send my data to so I am hoping that was or playstation somehow transfers my data back to my account.😩😞
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Re: Nfs heat all progress lost

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I logged on and had lost 10+ rep levels and several cars/car upgrades, and parts. I've tried playing on solo, online, and in friends lobbies but it is simply gone. I'm frustrated with losing HOURS of grinding and my favorite customizations. 

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Lost hours of progression

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I logged on and found that I lost more than 10 rep levels and several cars/car customizations. I don't even know if I want to play anymore if I'm just going to lose everything I do again. Am I wrong to be worried?

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Re: Id critical savegame incompatible

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still doesnt work

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Progression Wipe

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After this Origins update (1/21/21) my entire campaign progress was reset. It is still synced to my account, but I am Rank 0 and things are locked due to no campaign progression. I play launching the game through Steam. I launched the game today, had an update, and got the first time playing spiel. Help. 

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Re: Progression Wipe

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*Rank 1

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Re: Progression Wipe

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@mtb8 I believe I may have a similar problem, Ive started the game a year ago on xbox, however I downloaded it on my pc and now all of the sudden I have to start anew. I had so many so many hypercars...
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Update Wipes Progress AGAIN

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This is the second time I have had my progress reset after an update for Origin. The first time was max rank, the second time I was in the 30's. What is causing this? Is there any solution? I was told two different things from support. One said the saves were on the EA cloud, the other said saves were local. I love this game but it is unplayable if this is going to keep happening. I launch the game through Steam, it has my account synced, but the game started like its first time launch and shows I have no progress. 

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Re: Progression Wipe

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Im having the exact same issue through the pc port and yea its a sick game but its not worth playing with a glitch like that.

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nfs heat lost account

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i recently wanted to play nfs heat but when i went on it created a new profile/account for me causing me to loose all my progression ( cars, rank, money) is there any way I can get it back ?

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