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Money missing

by bobisnopunk

Original Post

My level reset to 2 in need for speed heat

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Ive'I had the game since it came out ive tried restarting it and re downloading it and it still says I'm a level 2. I was a level 10 when it crashed and I lost all my progress. Is there any way I could get it back? 


Thanks, Daniel

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Re: Nfs heat all progress lost

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I have the same problem. But i dont get why it isn't fixed hmm. Please get my progress back

Gamertag: spentrup


Platform: Origin

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Re: Nfs heat all progress lost

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Re: Nfs heat all progress lost

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EA has the the WOOOOOOORST customer service in the world as a guy sitting in his house will just scream and argue with you that it’s your fault and they can’t do anything about it and proceed to hang up EA ain’t worth a sh*t

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NFS:HEAT Online progress lost, rested, taken, Need to work from scratch again...

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I am not sure what causes this, my internet connection is good, it saves progress and all... i close game and reopen it, reset computer, open the game again and it's fine... but on totally random times it deletes my saved progress and many hours on it of pure grind...
which means i literally need to start from a scratch and it puts me at the very beginning automatically... Is EA deleting server? It basically removes any money, RP, cars, anything i had...

it happneded twice now and im PISSSSSEEEEEDDDD


I have friends who own the game and it works fine for them and i dont understand how it is possible that this happens to me??? 

I am logged with the same account, one and only, also i put myself as online everytime i go lunch the game


SERVER problem? Any logs kept at EA? Recovery??? 


I am lost and depressed 

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Re: Nfs heat all progress lost

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Yeah I lost all my story progress and rep my gamer tag is plyr_Mark I'm on ps4

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Lost my Cloud Save Twice Now...

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I am extremely ticked off with Origin Access. I have been playing NFS Heat for 44+ Hours now so that means a lot of racing, grinding, and driving around with my customized cars.


One day when I first got the Origin pass it made me restart everything and thought “this is BS” but I was only a few hours in so I sucked it up and restarted but now it’s done it again after 44 Hours in...


The game launcher is not very helpful at all as well as searching online I’ve seen multiple people say they lost their cloud saves with no clear cause as for what I found.

The game doesn’t even remember me accepting the terms and conditions, and immediately asks what difficultly I wanna play, so I know that my game save hasn’t loaded. 

Am I just sh*t out of luck or is there a way to fix it? 

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Money missing

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Product: Need for Speed Heat
Summarize your bug loss of all money
What car were you using? chevy c10
Was the car your own build or downloaded from the in-game community? Personal Build
What was the last event you played? idk
Was it a day or a night event? Day Event
How often does the bug occur? Rarely (0% - 9%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? idk
What happens when the bug occurs? loss of money, I still have all of my cars and parts
What do you expect to see? my money back

I lost my money, I was switching from car to car between drags with others in lobby and putting parts on but then i lost all of my millions i had and it would not let me put any parts on

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Re: Progress reset

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@ultrastealth21 I had the exact same problem. Idk what too do
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need for speed losing my all progress

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Losing my all Progress



I just got lost my all progress game file for playing without internet because just got shutdown bells on my Area Signal was on August 08 / 06 / 2020. I can't even fix my cloud save or restored save file on recently a few mounts time but didn't work and I open the game and launch start logo loading screen so my save just got restarted from the beginning mission.

I don't like to play again with losing my stuff file maybe just got corrupted it is seem like.


My all progress max everything rep level 50 with my beautiful decals design.

I hope so to bring back my cloud save file.

Here the photo Screenshot

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