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New cheat I think is here.....

by E9ine_AC

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New cheat I think is here.....

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So for sure 3rd time now this has happen. First 2 times I thought it was a fluke but now I have caught on..... These guys are literally out smarting you guys. 


So to protect the privacy I have a original copy i can PM you guys with name on this. This is the copy where I have removed the name. 


So what you see here is I went to report a obvious aim bot. Sure i can do all reports from snapping to target - moving in impossible ways etc etc. Well upon trying to open the support to actually report them directly to the staff the capture on the left is what you get no matter what how many times you actually try report them the correct way, I do believe they have found some way to keep their accounts hidden for short time till amount of reports finally add up to have them banned. There was no way for me at all to report this player directly with the Other option. Also note this is a bronze ranked match. 






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