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Re: Galaxy of Heros S7 Issue

by Starkomat

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Re: Galaxy of Heros S7 Issue

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Any news in this yet regards up loading the new version To the Samsung galaxy S7??
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Re: New Update 11/21/17 Game Crashes

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No! This doesn't work for the phones that are having problems with the device not being compatible...i tried it!
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Re: Galaxy of Heros S7 Issue

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I’m having the same issue:
I’m on iPhone 8 Plus, if I delete the game. When I reinstall it, it downloads a 5 MB file, a 19MB one, and when it tries to download the 153MB it crashes.

Tried clearing Safari cache and history, killing all apps, deleting and reinstalling app, even erased my phone completely and recovered from iCloud backup. Nothing works.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Galaxy of Heros S7 Issue

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Also worked for me! TY your a life saver!!
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Re: Galaxy of Heros S7 Issue

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possible solution for android.

Game always crashed shortly after cantina was loaded.
Think it had something to do with google play profile. Dont connect galaxy of heroes with your google play conto. You can deselect the autoconnection with heroes in your google play profile in the google play app.
Worked for me. Good luck!
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Re: Galaxy of Heros S7 Issue

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It's your screen resolution. Change it from HD to FHD or higher, delete data from your Google play app and then open google play again.

Fixed it for me
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Re: Galaxy of Heros S7 Issue

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I think it only works with screens 1080p and above?
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Re: Device is not compatible after 11/22 Update

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Contact EA via chat and the agent passed the blame to Google Play although EA is the one who updated the game. Currently on chat with Google Play. $20 says it's EA's fault

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Re: SW:Galaxy of Heroes crashing on Android after update on 11.21.17

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Me too

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Re: SWGOH crashes on iPhone 7 Plus after update

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Same problem with an iPad Air, after updating to the latest IOS Software and afterwards updating the Game, it crashes when i start the Game

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