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Re: Game crashes on statup

by Crunk1173

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Re: Galaxy of Heros S7 Issue

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Ty, worked for me... EA still needs to fix it on app store
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Re: Galaxy of Heros S7 Issue

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Same problem for me and now I cannot get into the game to get my ally code to raise a ticket for myself!

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Re: Game crashes on statup

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Since the update I am unable to load the game. I get to the Disney Lucas film and it just stops there. I contacted support and they said they can't do anything unless more people say the same problem on here. I'm on an android device.

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Not compatible with Galaxy S7?!?

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Re: Galaxy of Heros S7 Issue

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Same issue. Galaxy S7, Canadian carrier
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Rif.: Galaxy of Heros S7 Issue

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I have same problem.

Help!!!! I need to complete a lot of missions.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


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New update not compatible

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Havent been able to log in since new update went live. Game sends me to google play store to update but page tells me that the game is not compatible with my Galaxy S7. Now I have missed my energy refreshes.
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Re: Galaxy of Heros S7 Issue

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Same here. Hey the same message from the Aus play store. I am not going to download an apk from an untrusted source. I would advise others not to either. It's suspicious that a third party managed to 'fix' this issue so quickly even if it is just an error that ea made when publishing the game in the play store
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Re: Game crashes on statup

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Same issue here crashing just after the Disney Lucas page. Also on Android. I've tried every fix I can find and nothing works so far. 

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Re: New update not compatible

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I'm having the same problem. I tried to uninstall and reinstall and now it's not in google play store. Please fix. I'm missing out on lots of stuff.
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