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New UI: wasted space, small icons, indeterminate favorite flag, etc.

by soCalMikestang

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New UI: wasted space, small icons, indeterminate favorite flag, etc.

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Favourite icon is significantly more difficult to distinguish between on/off.

When an ability is maxed, it dims the second line which also contains the Basic, Special, Unique, Leader tag, which is arguably more important than the name of the ability itself. I'd take a cue from ships and move the ability level into the icon's lower corner, so it's either a #, an omega, a zeta, or a checkmark (for maxed non-zeta/omega abilities). Then brighten up the ability type tag so it's as visible as the name.

No Find button is bad. Remove the mini-potrait beside the stars and replace with find.

Jumping to the mod screen seems to have a mod initially selected, showing its stats instead of the heroes stats and the Loadout button. I'm guessing this is a bug and not intended.

Mod loadout on main screen is small enough on a phone that it's very difficult to distinguish certain set types, especially if it's purple.


Use of space on a rectangular phone is pretty bad. Lots of empty space with tons of stuff crammed at the edges. Relic and ship button seem like they could fit nicely under each set of 3 gear slots. Instead the relic causes most Legendary and HJ heroes' abilities to scroll.


The ability texts are "problematic" - both the text and corresponding images seems low-res and is harder to read/see. The mods, likewise (lo-res/fuzzy looking)


There seems to be a lot of wasted space around the character - which also seems on odd choice given the small/cramped feel of the rest of the UI.


No "FIND" labels for shards or mod interface for new players is a very bad idea. I'm sure for the rest of us it will be second nature, but not a good design choice.

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Re: New UI: wasted space, small icons, indeterminate favorite flag, etc.

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@soCalMikestang Another problem is finding your loadouts has been hidden, and switching between them takes 10 times longer.

In the past, you could browse through all your loadout tabs, click one, then select a loadout for a character. When you moved on to another character and re-entered the mod loadout screen, you'd automatically start in the tab you last used.

For instance, if I had a mod loadout for my entire Sith Empire team, I could go into my Sith Empire tab in the loadout screen, then one by one add them to each character without having to scroll back to that tab EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Now when you enter the mod loadout screen (which again, is hidden unless you click the " - " button) you start on the Default tab and have to scroll through each one all over again. For people like me who have a mod loadout tab for every faction, this makes changing mod sets take even longer than it already did!

At least in the past I could sort my roster by the faction, then go through each person in relatively short time. Now it takes about 3 times as long to do it, and has already made me reconsider even doing it at all.
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